*Football Manager 2005 & 2006 Downloads*


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Lonestarr022 said:
how do u get this to work? does it work with WWSM version??
Start FM, load savegame/start new game, start FMM, load game in FMM, search, edit, and save.

Don't know if it works with WWSM, just backup your save and try it.


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I´m searching Facepacks...

France Ligue 1 & 2
Premier League
Primera Division

links would be n1. :)


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Graphics Superpack
Info - 19,000 + Graphics Most european facepacks (mixture of large & small) also lot of world players suc has brazil...etc Most rotated logos Most 3GT kits Superpack contains graphics by the following people: Oscar7 QWAS and more. File is over 650MB so broadband required.

Graphics Superpack Part 2
Info - This additional superpack contains over 2300 facepacks in both large & small format for clubs in the following countrys: Columbia Chile Austria Bulgaria Croatia Denmark Finland Ireland Mexico Northern Ireland Norway Slovenia South Africa South Korea Switzerland.


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I was wondering if there's a download to the latest update? in terms of Juve being at Serie B, and the latest transfers?