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nah, anyway guys, back on topic otherwise this may get confusing for people actually LOOKING for something (H)


Don't know if it's the place to ask for, but could someone recommend me a couple of good skins? I searched for some but couldn't find anything nice. If you can find one in a blue or silverish color theme it would be great.


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Yep, that should do it. Always read the read me though, normally it says everything you already know, but you never know...


hey do any of you guys have different nets than the standard ones? coz i downloaded this nets pack 'janets' from susie but i just can't get it to work...


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You should place in the graphics/pitch/nets folder of the skin you're using, atleast that's how I got them to work.


yes, but in the patch comes to different nets, black nets and white nets..i want the black ones, so the idea is to put the folder 'black' insise the 'nets' folder?


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I think you just need to overwrite the images that's in the subfolders of the nets folder. Not all skins have nets graphics, just copy the entire nets folder ("..\data\graphics\pitch\nets") to the "..\data\skins\<your skin>\graphics\pitch" folder, and change the image files for both. (the backup to prevent you lose these nets).


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FM Sorted update released! Get it at: FMSorted.net

Dave Higgins said:
FM2006 Update Released
Posted by Dave Higgins on March 1 2006

The update has been released for FM2006. Please visit the update page to download it.

Sorry it has taken so long, but I have been fairly busy. It was released on the forum about a week ago. The people on the forum seem to have given it the thumbs up, but obviously the more people that use it the more feedback I can get on it.

I would just like to point out that this update has been done without the use of 'scouts'/'researchers' as such. It has been done solely around what I have found, what has been posted on our forum, and what has been posted on the SI forum.

Should you find errors (and no doubt you will find many), or should you have any ideas on players/areas that need to be improved, please visit our forum and post it on there instead of e-mailing me with them. The reason for this is because it is the only sure fire way that I will get the information. My e-mail inbox is constantly flooded with junk, and if you e-mail me with some information, there is a fairly high chance that your e-mail will automatically be put directly to my junk folder.

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Is there any program that allows to add a league to an already started game?

What's the best tool to edit player attributes such as positions in already saved games?