Football Manager 14 Announced


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I bought the game last night after finishing my season with Schalke. Is Pogba acquirable? Neither him nor Gundogan wanted to come to Chelsea when I was playing around trying to get my ideal midfield of them plus Oscar. I'm disappointed that the game still thinks Bayern will sell Alaba for a paltry fee. Last year it was excusable...


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I dunno about the full game, but in the demo pretty much all the Bundesliga players were unattainable. Werner, Volland, Jung refused to hold contract talks, and everyone at Bayern/Dortmund was valued astronomically high and didn't want to move either. Alaba I got for 30-40m, Lewy for 20m. When I negotiated for Gundogan the first offer they came with was 139, so I decided not to pursue that. Could have gotten Lars Bender for 30 but went with Pogba for 30-40m. Subotic was rated lower than Cahill by my scouts.


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Does anyone else concede a disproportionately high number of long range goals or is my keeper just a Carlos*ass?