Fonts by Adriano FIFA11

Adrioliv;2964196 said:
Hi people! After a long time, I'll begin to post here again. I decided to post the .rx3 and the .png, because I imported with Texture Editor and the quality of some fonts are not so good. So, for now on, the posts will contain kitnumber_X_X.rx3 (you have to put in FIFA11\Game\data\sceneassets\kitnumbers), name fonts in ttf (put in FIFA11\Game\data\sceneassets\jerseyfonts) and the numbers in PNG. Don't forget to change in DB11 the item "teamkits", and modify the columns like this:

a. jerseynamefonttype: put the number of .ttf, e.g. font_32, insert number 32.

b. numberfonttype: put the first number of .rx3, e.g. kitnumbers_10_2, insert number 10.

c. numbercolor: put the second number of .rx3, e.g. kitnumbers_10_2, insert number 2.

For short numbers you have to do exactly like steps "b" and "c", in "shortsnumberfonttype" and "shortsnumbercolor".

Let's begin!
Sorry I don't understand
I'm using DB Master 11
Ex: If I want to change FC Barca Home kit number, font...
How to find Barca in DB Master 11? (barca teamkit id?)

And in your post: Ex: "Yellow - Kitnumber 5 (RGB 250,230,39)"
What is "Yellow" and what is "5"
Sorry I'm totally noob :(