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That's not a problem... Considering the other stats compensate the bad heading... Extremely fast, and has a good resistance!

And for heading i have Karadas playing with him (H)!


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is it heading than? Wow, than it really is an important stat(H) what a good guess by me:p

Started a new game with Boro btw, my 4th game on FM already :(

good start btw:


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this has to be the most frustrating time for me on a computer game ever, what a terrible form:kader:

I got knocked out if the FA cup and the UEFA cup because of it and dropped from 3th to 8th, so no european football...maybe intertoto:kader:

the red mark is the time the crisis began...


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the defeat u suffer at Arsenal may have an negative effect on your players...that might be the reason why your going on a non-winning streak..


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I think even if he had of scored 100 goals in 11 games hed been looking at his tactics after looking at the form his team is in ;)


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Had the same run of form as PSVFOREVER (what's your real name?) with Leeds . Like about 1 win in 9 games. However that changed as soon as I introduced Seth Johnson into the squad. Just change the players.


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I think the problem was indeed the attack, I tried a lot of tactics (4-1-2-1-2, 4-2-2-1-1, 4-2-2-2, 4-3-3) but the lack of strikers

Viduka and Hasselbaink were almost all those matches tired, Nemeth is just useless and Job was injured most of the matches.

There was some bad luck too, I completly out played Roma at home and was equal to them away and there were some more matches like that.

The tiredness seemed to be the biggest problem though, I have Mendieta, Boateng and Doriva for DM, but all the matches only 1 was 100% fit (the one who was sub the match before). I also had to rotate between Zenden and Downing every match (both great players btw)

Im getting some nice players in though, David Pizzaro and Smertin as DMC's, I need them and van der Sar as goalie. I'll spend my transferbudget on a striker.

My real name is Cody btw.. ;)


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what the hell happen on my game after i install the v5.0.2 patch. i start 3rd season with new patch. after 9 games (include 1 super cup and 1 CL game) i have 22 yellow cards, 2 red cards, 6 times opponent keeper rating are more than 8, 3 times opponent keeper are MOTM. i only able to score 11 and concede 4. win 11 and draw 3 at EPL

this not happen to me at season 1 (score 98, concede 25, i think i not even have 2 red cards in whole season) and 2 (score 106, concede 16, i think only have 1 if not mistake) before i install the patch. i have opponent keeper MOTM 3 times continous (vs birmingham, shaktar and liverpool) and 7 yellow card and a red card during liverpool match. WTF is going on???

last 3 game
vs birmingham 20 shots, 13 on target, keeper rating 9
vs shaktar 15 shots, 8 on target, keeper rating 9
vs liverpool 21 shots, 11 on target, keeper rating 10

even craig gordan (i don't even know who is he, have poor stats) have rating 10 against me. saving all the shot like super man. 6 yard, 30 yard, free kick, heading all save. that really pissed me off