FM 2010 new teams....


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Hi guys! :)

I have one question about Football Manager 2010.

Is there some patch or something else to get new teams, like from Latvia, with their real rosters :)



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You can search online (especially at the SI forum) for a Latvian league. The editor made it really convenient for people to create and upload other leagues and there are many new user-created leagues available thanks to this.

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Considering that there's a patch for an 11-tier English league, you can probably find a lot of leagues out there. SI created a structure which is supposed to make certain leagues easier to implement, such as Egypt.


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hahaha will take forever to reach the EPL. I wouldn't have that patience. I'm with Leeds now in the Championship. Got promoted straight away in my first season and I'm currently fighting for promotion to the EPL in my second season.


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oky, i found some files with Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian leagues, but how ca i add them in fm10? :(
i have 3 .DBC files...

EDIT: no mention, i find it out :D