FM 2007 Screenshot Showoff

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Try 4-0 for you, against a worse team, 75th minute, redcarded keeper after 2 injuries earlier, having made another substitution. Not really heart, more so blood pressure. Lost 4-6, last two goals were penalties casused by yet another reckless keeper.

Good fun.
I would have put everyone in the back, waste time on max, super defensive, long balls, no forward runs, etc, can't lose 6-4 in 15 min that way. I actually manage to snatch draws and impossible wins doing this.

Minute 80, winning 1-0 against Barcelona at their home with 1 shot on target against 7 of them. Everyone in the back. Suffered, but the keeper didn't make a single defense in those minutes (still they had a ball in the bar). Just one example. One of the best victories everrrrr (H)

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It was a crappy team, and I was up 4-0, on a return match, home, when I had won the previous one. I put on all my subs except a defender, a mid, and a striker. I subbed the defender for a mid, and left 3 at the back, subbing my mid, a DM, for another striker. The the best player on the field, the striker who bagged 3 goals, get injured. Afdter that it was the keeper incident.

I pride myself in never having used a defensive or timewasting tactic. It can be foolish, but I like thniking that I play entertaining football and that I don't concede because the entire team is good, and not just some defensive crap paying off. Frankly, since I still went through, it's just a good story. Only time I ever conceded more than 3 goals. This is why I hate eccentric keepers, though. Cech was great, solid in every game, less than 10 goals in 3 seasons straight, playing 100+ matches. then in comes this 18 year old 'promising' talent from the youth system and he ruins everything.

Ironically, in the following transfer period, that team expressed their interest for the keeper, and I loaned him. After 3 years of consecutive loans, the guy returns, and steals the Cech's place (who would be retiring soon), first match, somehow misconstrudes Terry's intentions and lets in his pass. After that he's been good, though.

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Yeah, that biatch. Actually he's leaving, trade transfer. I'm guessing theres the bug. Misplaced string... guessing the game places the team name that makes the initial transfer bid as the destination/transfer string. Patch 7.0.3!!! bah, whatever (H)


Forza Suarez! (ps brotha can you spare a dime?)
I've actually started to get into FM07. Pretty late considering FM08 is just around the corner....