FM 2007 Screenshot Showoff

My turn to start one. Take note: this is not a postboosting thread like Tom's other one.

This is for own game pics, pre-release pics are to go in the other sticky.



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There's not much to go on topic to is there?
I mean the only ones who got the game here are the beta testers and they don't wanna talk about it. :(
It's how well a person is informed about players and clubs in that country. If it's high you get reliable info; if it's low, you get less reliable info. Also dependant on the person's ability, I reckon.
Graphics are nicer, still I prefer Capuccino (hope they fix that error on Player Search screen) or iTunes.

About the pics posted... wow... I guess we (excluding beta testers) all saw the "little logos" at the left of each club, which is a wonderful addition in my opinion, or things like second nationality (too realistic, since I have Italian passport myself, and I can take advantage of it in the game :P)

Also love that "knowledge" about leagues. Viewing what a brazilian "knows", I think Argentinians will know almost the same, since we had/have on our league many Peruvians and Colombians, saying "we" know about the North of SouthAmerica.

Lastly, I love that scout reports. Wonderful, perfect... I hope the game could be release tomorrow :crazyboy: