FM 2006 purchased, I am back in the fold, BUT IT DON'T WORK!


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Assistance appreciated here.

I have installed FM and am currently downloading that EP or update thing on my trustworthy 50.2k internet.

When I went to try FM 06 out, my PC reckons it cant read the cd. I have a 48X speed cd drive...

So what should I do?


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hopeunited said:
and again Rob comes in all so helpful... :nape:
Yea, because unlike you, I am attempting to solve this problem with him on MSN.

(and the irony of it, your post isnt helpful ethier :fool: )

Rob stops, he pops, he shoots, he scores!!!!!!!!!


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Thanks dude, I had windows 2000 compatibility clicked,

Another problem averted, thanks Bloke man, I mean Rob.

Would you please bear my children?

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Here are some common problem/solution links to do with running the game ...

[*]"Cannot locate the CD-ROM": SIbase Article #133

[*]Game doesn't auto-install: SIbase Article #172 covers manually installing the game from the CD.

[*]Game doesn't start: SIbase Article #173 covers third-party skins, turning off skin cache, using compatibility mode, running the game as another user and trying to do clean re-install.

[*]Installer "Internal Error 2908": SIbase Article #171 describes possible solutions to this vague installer error.

[*]Jerky 2D match playback (AMD only?): SIbase Article #176 has possible solutions, in particular how to turn off AMD Cool'n'Quiet to see if it improves playback.

[*]"Access Denied. Please login with administrative privileges": SIbase Article #177 discusses this error and possible workarounds.

Please also refer to the FM2006 section of SIbase for support issues in general.

Hope this helps,