FIWC Stadium


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Is there any way to activate in game the FIWC Sang-am Stadium ?
I found via Rinaldo's Creation Master'14 that there are already existed the Overcast, Clear Day & Sunset Enviroments; only the Night Enviroment is missing...


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KimiChris1002;3698185 said:
i'm not sure, but i think that this stadium only works on Playstation and xBox, no plan why

Thank you KimiChris for your response!
This was what I thought too, but according to a member of this site the FIWC Stadium could be playble in game:
a). The ID 172 doesn't work.
b). Replace the Arena Oceanic (ID 250).
c). In CM you have to change the type of arena from Training to Official.
d). Tick the box: Night.
e). Make it appear in-game.

-The last one (e) is that I don't understand, how can I make the FIWC Stadium appear in game...