Finally... I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Starting XI
Finally, FM HAS COME BACK TO MY PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately I HAVE A FEW GRIPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have that annoying shooting dealy...

- 30 shots to 3, 1-1
- 27 shots to 2, 2-1
- 25 shots to 10, 0-1


Will the enhancement pack fix this? When does it come out?


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Originally posted by Parra Power
they are saying that it will be cross compatible.... but for best results they suggest starting a fresh game :confused:

SI words translation: You will be able to continue your game, but it wont do **** if u dont start a new one (H)


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Ok cool. Im about to start my last year of school (year 12 aus) and FM isnt really helping;)

I got relegated with Reggina so i guess i'll wait untill the school holudays and then hopefully the patch will be out by then, and i can start a new Reggina game.:D