File Master 15


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bulkan;3787903 said:
i've checked my drive & unfortunately i was removed it. it was the latest version. i've downloaded from same mirror like i posted above. about a week ago, the program could get latest update itself.

seems like there is a problem on i68 server. so the program can't get the updates from the server site.
im most likely using file master 15 to regenerate bh files. it works without any problems & fast. actually always using file master versions for fifa series , since fifa 11. i've used all regeneration methods. fhl, cm, i68..i think file master is the best.

currently file master 15 link is broken. but i was downloaded it & uploaded it to another mirror about couple weeks ago.
for those who want to use file master 15, download here;
Here you go mate :)


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I had searched for all internet sites. Now yes, I could.
Thank you for help steven. Certainly will serve more users.


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Cannot extract .BIG files


I don't know why, but my DB Master has the option "FILE -> Extract from .BIG files" disabled.

Does anyone knows why?

Can you guide me how to enable this option?

Thank you.