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Coutinho - New Beard and Neck Tattoos

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There will soon be a video tutorial on how to do it on my channel. By the time you are reading it, it's probably already up. Here is my channel:

VIDEO TUTORIAL: Coming soon!

1. Install frosty mod manager (latest version required, 1.0.5 or higer).
2. Open frosty mod manager
3. Choose the FIFA 19.exe (normally found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 19)
4. In the bottom left corner, click "Import Mod(s)"
5. Import "Coutinho Face Update 1.0 by FIFER.rar". You can import the.fbmod if you want but importing the .rar is easier.
6. Next to "Remove Mod(s)" in the bottom left corner, click "Apply Mod(s)"
7. Then click "Launch"
8. You'll have to launch the game trough Frosty Mod Manager every time you want it to be applied

Mod by: FIFER

YouTube Channel:

Need help with the mod? Join the discord:

I will update this and make it better as time goes on.


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Short hair is not possible? :( frosty editor is so limited D:

FrostyEditor gives all the necessary tools to mod.
Now it's up to the community to make it grow.

3D edition will be possible once someone learns how to interpret RES/CHUNK and writes a script to EXPORT/IMPORT TO/FROM a 3D software such as 3DMax, Blender, Unity, whatever.

Frosty is the base. A big one. It allows you to See/Export/Import. The rest is up to us, the community.

Unfortunately, I don't think there are many experimented 3D experts still around that can help.