FIFA23 211 NTs RTWC mod


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Is anyone else getting an error when running the mod manager? After the tu9 it won't let me import faces or mods, does anyone have a solution or the same thing happened to them, I tried to go back to tu8 but when I want to start a game the game crashes, I don't know if it was the mod manager tool that is there Giving those failures, and before they say to lower it to medium or low in mod manager I already did it and the same thing crashes when selecting a team.
Bro, could you send me the TU8 backup?


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if I can get a link of the mod for the career mode I don't need the tu10 because you reset the update backward with stream


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on mod manager it says that the mod was made for an older version and that the legacy files probably wont work and when i launch fifa 23 (steam version), it boots up normally but the mod content isnt there. help would be appreciated