FIFA22 Extra National Teams Patch 9.0 --Support TU13


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Hi, I love national teams so for me this is the better mod about Fifa! Really great job! Thank you so much!

I have a question: since updating for TU12 (and now TU13) I have some problem with the "edit players" mods. When I use them with ENT I can edit only some player and not all. Until TU11 I did not have this problem. I would like to add some missing player like James Rodriguez. Do you have some idea about this?


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only group F is real
you changed squad before starting tournament?if you did then it will not be the real group. Because once changed squad before starting tournament the grading system will be broken. In that case you have to use journey dlc and create custom tournament to achieve it
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Hello Paul. I've the ENT 8.0 mod and already downloaded Squads, but in FIFA MM it still saying that the mod was created in another version and maybe it won't work well.
When I enter FIFA, it doesn't show me the ENT mod Screen, and the national teams are there but with random kits and Random names. Is that ok with the recent fifa update or what should I do?

I mean, the mod is still working on Career Mode, etc? It seems that the only problem are National Team kits.

Thank you so much. Great work with this patch.
update your game


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Hi, please fix the problem that makes the game crash in career mode when I use the Squad Hub tab. I tried everything: reinstall FMM, deleted FIFAmodData and started again, reinstalled mod. I don't know what else to do. I saw this question in the forum but I didn't find a solution. Could you please fix this? The mod is really awesome, but this doesn't allow me to play. Thank you in advance

Edit: With version 9.0 the problem was solved!! Thank you a lot!!

Awesome mod Paul!, incredible work!
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The mod stopped working since EA updated their game, the italians teams don't have the real logo anymore, and some national teams crests were replaced by Ultimate Team assets. It's kinda breaking the immersion of my career mode ngl


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Hi @paul2008me123 In last version Tu13. i have problem about squad setting. it show damage when i download profile in game. We can how to fix it ? thx for advance answers.


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Hello Paul,

This work looks incredible, thanks for the time in doing it.

a few questions -
1. where can I download the FMM?
2. Do I always have to open Fifa using FMM for it to work?
3. If 2 is yes, is there anyway I can use my PS5 controller to play. As I think through Steam I can use it.

sorry to be a pain with the questions - completely new to all this


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Just tried to create a world cup in tournament and after i was done with groups i pressed done and the game suddenly close. Anyone have an idea why is this happening and how to fix it?