FIFA22 Extra National Teams Patch 8.0 --Support TU11


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Thank you so much for creating a mode that complements EA sports's unfinished work.
If possible, could you upload the db file?
Without this mode, I can't play fifa career mode.


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I've just installed the mod and created a new career, and everything seems to be working well, but it crashes when I use the club hub. I'm only using ENT mod and I'm always in the last game version. Any idea how to fix this?


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When I am launching on FMM, it states " mod was created for different game version", I still launch and I still have all the international teams, However issue Im having is in player career mode, There is no friendly games, or international callups from the new added nations or the original ones, when i launch without the mod this issue dissapears. Any suggestions to fix this
any fix for this


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please advise when you have uploaded db for tu11.

I have added all 25 new south american clubs on the squads files to rest of world, I'll share for those interested to get them. Only left thing is changing names id for added players, but as I'm adding them on db using playernames table to avoid any interference to your dcplayernames table from squad file, I'm waiting for last db upload.


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1. The career mode prompts that the opponent has insufficient players and is directly sentenced to lose? In career mode, click the team squads center and crash?

Due to the mixed use of other squads or MOD conflicts.

2. All national team logo, jersey and team name are incorrect?
It is usually caused by mixing other squads or MOD conflicts. It may also be that the game version is not updated to the latest version.

3. The career mode World Cup 2022 is not a real group?
FIFA career mode does not support real groups.

4. Can't see other groupings for World Cup qualifiers and African Cup in career mode?
Due to the limitations of the game core. But all the groups and rules are real and playable.

5. The Club World Cup and the African Cup are not real trophies?
Because the game core does not allow adding models, the World Club Cup and Africa Cup are the default general trophy models

6. Some national teams have yellow FIFA flags before the start of the game, and fans dance the yellow FIFA flags?
Because the game core does not allow the addition of national flags, some national team flags and fans dancing flags use FIFA yellow flags

7. Can't play the Women's International Cup in version 6.0?
Because the MOD6.0 version adds too many events beyond the game core limit, the 6.0 version of the Women's International Cup cannot be used, but the 5.0 version can use the Women's International Cup.

8. One or two national teams name are not correct with fut name?
Just open "dynamicLocDB-[language_code].xml" in "C\Users\[USER-NAME]\AppData\Local\Temp\FIFA 22\cache0\data\loc" and then remove the teamname string. Or you can just completely delete the xml file. Thanks irvanlana50 for provide this solution.

9. Other questions or bugs (if any)?
Caused by game kernel limitations. Or mixed with other lists or MOD conflicts. In addition, this MOD is a free patch, and it is forbidden for others to use it for profit purposes. It is only for communication.
yo! i really liked the idea of the mod, but sadly, the kits don't work for me. it's the only mod that i have active, and every other aspect of the game works fine, just except the kits, and some national teams being named stuff like "FUT birthday". how do i fix this?

i did all the steps that you listed, but nothing changed. i do notice though, that it says that the squad 1 file is damaged, and it keeps saying that, even if i reinstall it (don't think this has to do with the kits). in the guide, you say that we should launch Live editor. do you mean the live editor by aranaktu, or the one you posted. because the one you posted doesn't have a luncher file.
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