FIFA22 Extra National Teams Patch 11.0 --TU17 for FMM1.1.3


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hi Iam expiriencing these issues please help. I tried everything and did everything right.


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good I saw that an update of this mod came out from 7 to 8 my question is what news does it bring and if maradona is still in the soccer aid team?


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Hi mate, are u planing to add all 55 europe teams, just to know if i need to wait for the next update.
Amazing work! Respect!

Paul fan

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Hey @paul2008me123 I have a problem since the new update, I can no longer play the file is not up to date and on your mod with the scoreboard and the WC 2022 theme I can't put it it's not updated and it's written that I don't have the right version of fmm please help me


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When I am launching on FMM, it states " mod was created for different game version", I still launch and I still have all the international teams, However issue Im having is in player career mode, There is no friendly games, or international callups from the new added nations or the original ones, when i launch without the mod this issue dissapears. Any suggestions to fix this


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Why some national team names are wrong? I have placed the mod alone and the squad file.. Also, the Brazilian clubs have fake players not the real ones? Are these common problems or I've done something wrong?


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