FIFA22 Extra National Teams Patch 10.0 --TU17 for FMM1.1.3


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Hi, here to say that this is a great mod and I appreciate all the work you've done to better my FIFA experience, but I've been having this issue:
I can't see the qualifiers' standings, even when my player gets called by the national team to play them, when I select it the league standings appear. Anything that can be done? I'd be grateful for your help.
Good afternoon, I'm having a lot of fun with the patch but there's a problem the libertadores and sulamericana groups are in the launch version and not in the new version because it looks like the groups from last year's competitions EA has already updated the competitions for this year and in the photos that I will post you will see that some teams lack shield and uniform is there a way to normalize this or update the patch with libertadores and sulamericanas with their real groups? Thanks in advance, congratulations for the excellent patch.


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Hello Paul, thanks to your mod, I had so much fun playing Fifa22.
Fifa23 is now released, but thanks to your ENT patch, I am thinking of doing FIFA 22 for another year
So if you don't mind,
Could you share the mod project file? I beg you. I would like to add or modify FIFEDITION COSTARICA's uniform file or logo league cup competition to your mode. I made it myself from the beginning or tried other modes, but there was no patch as good as your patch
So I'm taking the liberty of asking. If you provide it, we promise to use it personally, not commercially or share it. I beg you. I'll be waiting for the reply.


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Hi. I have download and installed, but I have a problem with national teams names. Logos, squads are working fine, but all added national teams are wrong. There are some different words or names from FUT. I have deleted xml file you wrote about but it didn't help.