FIFA22 (and other games) to FIFA16


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Please read again cause he answered your question regarding Fifa 16. He wrote, that he is or at least was searching for people at that moment who will test and host the files in the end for... FIFA 16! ;)

Papinho81 and BloodRedBavarian13 are willing to do that. All you need to do is to read the posts beneath it. But I guess it's easier to just look at the url of the link than really clicking on it and read what was posted there.
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Hats off to @Dmitri , We now have 2'970 starheads thanks to him

These packs include all FIFA 22 faces for FIFA 16.

For installation instructions, check the read-me file.

Please note!
If you find mistakes, please report in this thread. Thank you.

Difference between PC and Switch packs
Faces from PC version are in better quality, but also with larger size. Faces from Switch version are in similar quality to original FIFA 14. Some faces in Switch version are outdated.

Authors of these faces are EA Sports.


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FIFA 22 PC TO 16 STARHEADS PACK v1.0 - 2'970 starheads


amazing work :)

but is this not possible to have this in 2 or 3 parts??

9,43 gb on one file is quite time consuming (mediafire very slow) and mega limited to 5 gb.

would be nice if someone can share this on 2gb files maybe?


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Are you able to convert?
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