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how unlock all boots ??
This is not possible atm. We have already talked about it.

Regarding the new mod itself:
It's very strange. The first game when I applied the new DB, the new Squads File, and everything that was included in the new AGPE 2.0, I had a great match, with about 7 fouls, two yellow cards and a red card (for the AI). Felt great.
After that, I had like 4 games that felt like pre-AGPE, meaning: Almost no fouls.
Very weird!
So I closed the game, and did the whole process again: Copied all the files again. And started from 0.
But it still wasn't feeling like that 1st match I played with AGPE 2.
After that I did have a few games with a couple of fouls, but nowhere near as aggressive. Do you know why it might be?.
All of this was entirely in Champions League Mode. Fidel, please check your PM. It's important.

Hello Fidel
excellent work but I have doubts. When he played the first game there were 8 fouls by the AI. but now after several games he only makes 2 and 3 fouls. I went back to the archives and still does not show the aggression of the first game. what could be happening

Don't worry, the new AGPE 2.0 is always working. Play the AGPE in career mode, anyway also in UCL.
Probably in matches with poor cpu fouls, during the match try to adjust you team tactic to press (directional pad arrow),
the AI will do the same.
If you go in advantage, play the possession, the AI will kill you. Read gp tips, check videos for how to get a foul.

I'll reply to the pm now (@Chuny).

Does anyone know the ID number of Alex Hunter?
...but now write down somewhere, you ask the same question every year, anyway: 26501

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I cannot remember that I've ever enjoyed any Fifa gameplay so far. I played 4 matches, on each game was at least ten fouls, on the last game - 5 yellow and 2 red cards.
BTW, it is important to emphasize that AI doesn't make fouls constantly, but depending on the user's playing qualities. Who knows how to keep the ball, really enjoy in fouls AI makes.
Thanks to your great patch it can be said that this is the best Fifa ever. Great job, man!

You are a superb/true/experienced FIFA 19 AGPE Player, because you understood perfectly the new gp engine.
Enjoy the new game, I've worked very hard, please beleave me, but now I am very happy with the results obtained.
Thank you very much for your kind words.
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Fidel Gameplay,
How to bring back original fifaconfig? I forget that I have use "fifa config patch" once and I had to reinstall the game. I don't want to do it again.

Just repair game via Origin. Or check below the file for you.
For users who are using the WFT,
the backup file is in: \FIFA 19\FIFASetup\fifaconfig.exe.default
just click restore to default in WFT, or rename the file manually.


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Fidel Gameplay

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Mate how to disable the uefa champions night illumination light system in locale.ini
I want to disable it and
Thanks for awesome agpe 2.0 mod mate
It really nice....

Read Chuny reply or just go @ line 435 and edit like this:
save and enjoy if you like the default night light illumination.
Do the same in all AGPE ini.


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With the appropriate modifications this is the best fifa ever seen!
I play 7 minutes level champion, semi assisted, and fouls there are always!
Thanks to Fidel who once again proved the number 1 ...;)

Look this, i'm Naples:



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We love the football and we will do all for near the game at real football and thanks to Your fantastic JOB we reached it.Now every match seem to be sit at stadium,every match is a epic battle : ( standing tackles,killer sliders tackles,fantastic long shoots.balls in "curva" etc) a very show.
You are the future Master,this is fifa 2022!

andy jonah

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So i tried playing squad battles with the new AGP .. i got schooled my EA severs fidel your a genius am never risking again I didn't touch the ball for almost 2 minutes


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Brilliant work and thanks for the new update. I will try later. You have made this game enjoyable
Could i ask if theres any way to pevent or reduce cpu ai difficulty spikes and drops
For example. Yesterday i had a brilliant session. I am on legendary level. The cpu level spiked but i just about coped. I played second place team and lost 4-2 in a brilliant game. Next match with exactly the same settings i won 8-1. i could have got more if i had tried. The game played as if i was on easy level. Same setting and two diametrically different cpu ai performances
I realise this is down to EA scripting but is there any way to reduce this happening as it ruins the game. In fifa 19 i am never sure if i have won by playing well or if the cpu has let me win.
I will try the game with challenge files injected. I like the game very hard
thanks again
Just update. I have tried the new 2.0 with both challenge and immersive. The cpu conceeded an inordinate amount of space hardly crossed the halfway line. By halftime i was winning 2-0 on chall anf 3-0 on imm. The cpu didnt have a shot
I then went back to 1.4 imm and the same playing exactly the same game with same players i was losing 3-1 by ht. The cpu was very attacking rather than totally benign. I am on legendary. I am not criticing the work on 2.0 just reporting how the game played.
The game was way too easy for me with 2.0 files used.
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Master Fidel, how can I edit the files/AGPE DB to get original height but keep the physical stats like speed, acceleration, balance etc.

Thank you for this mod, you have done wonders my friend.