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I released it as a texture update mate, I assumed everyone already has a previous version of the stadium the only difference is the crowd but the glares are still the same
Ok bro!!
Mate, I saw in the version you converted that there are 4 sections that might have lights in the F23 Switch version.

2023-01-28 11_30_45-DimScreen Screen.png 2023-01-28 11_31_03-DimScreen Screen.png

I was wondering if you could convert also the glares files. :)
If you can't, there is no problem. :)


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Brother could you repair the stadiums of the second English division, which have an old model and little similar to how they are currently


hey bro, here are the unedited F23 switch glares for london stadium, this is why I some glares are problematic; take a look what difference they make in-game: london stadium fx glares
Hi bro! I installed these glares files, and the stadium gets lights from the sections I mentioned to you before. Apparently, the London Stadium from FIFA 23 has those lights in those sections working.

2023-01-31 19_04_46-DimScreen Screen.png 2023-01-31 19_05_12-DimScreen Screen.png

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