FIFA13 Graphix by darxxx (Balls, ETC)


Starting XI
Adidas Europa League ball is packed and was sent for upload.

Coming soon: Uefa CL referee kit pack



Starting XI
CarlosMagno;3338798 said:
Waiting for the Balls and Kits,those are delaying much

Dude, stop bugging, if it's too slow for you, you can always make it yourself and share it with the rest of us!


Reserve Team
.:: Europa League Ball Pack 12/13 ::.
The ball pack contains the:

- Adidas Europa League Ball
- Adidas Europa League PowerOrange Ball (Winter)

Read the “Read Me” file to install the patch correctly!

Note: Now inside the Read Me file you can find the special codes to install this ball pack with Revolution Mod 13!

Made by darxxx


Club Supporter
i have a problem, in frindly match i can see the balls, but in europa league match the ball is trasparency, what can be the problem?