[FIFA12] - PATCHES and MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)


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I like your DB patch Fidel, but please don't make things like triangle nets and loose nets default. This is not how it is in real life, they are never used in the Premier League and I don't know about the other leagues.

The Arsenal squad needs Ramsey in the place of Rosicky, because Rosicky is never picked ahead of Ramsey anymore. Also put Fabregas in the Barcelona starting XI.


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Fidel Gameplay;3111199 said:
hello to everyone...the strange problem with messi on arena i think is a problem with game controllers:
for who has this problem, you have only the keyboard? i think a gamepad is required this year, but belonging to this problem, it is really necessary to play this magical game..and for max game experience!!!

...for everyone that make these beautiful videos, please add video details on youtube, like mods used, is good for all comunity and fifa fans!! check the info/link to my mods and details on first post or on documents in the patch pack...

..tomorrow I'm not there, only in the evening!!!

..today i worked to gameplay and others unlock like HG.........and you can see a small video here:
FIFA 12 PC - Fidel's GAMEPLAY MOD (HG) + New celebrations enabled + any others unlock (on beta testing) ..remember HG??

..I don't add other details now!!... bye bye to everyone and stay tuned!!

ohhh,further celebration camera :33vff3o: ...can't wait:rolleyes:


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hey Fidel,u're patches are awesome,but can i ask u to make a fix for keyboard assists,so we can play assisted:redface:


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Fidel is this camera celebrations patch on my request ??? :DDD Great news hope u can do this for full fifa 12 !! :)


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nostress20;3111545 said:
This doesnt work for me :(
strange, I have only rna.ini, no patch and demoversion of my rna (without "testing" codes) is:
WEATHER_TYPE=1 // 0 sun, 1 rain, 2 snow


FREE_ROAM_DEMO_TEAMID=47 // Arsenal 1, City 10, United 11, BVB 22, AC 47, Marseille 219, Barcelona 241
FREE_ROAM_DEMO_PLAYERID=41236 // Ibrahimovic - 41236, Messi - 158023

FREE_ROAM_GK_PLAYERID = 113343 // Almunia
and it's working for me (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCMvN6L_nbU)


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Waldo1639;3110913 said:
I must agree with that. After more and more playing this is for me one of major problems. My teammates are very inactive. Sometimes they have free space and they do nothing. Zero movement, no trying to break behind defence, no nothing... Maybe it's because we can't adjust some tactics, but with every team it's the same. Off the ball movement is not good. :facepalm:

Fidel, I just tried fixed DB 1.1, it works, and it's great. Now Messi is kicking my ass more then before... :)

negative guys , this is the real ..AI makes you do your best waldo i agree with you about the tactics , but atm i play with barca with 75% possession ... well i have to say i use first 10 mins highly attacking + CB joinin attack , score 1 goal , rest of match is passing and shooting ..about defending against pc ... actually pc is not that smart ... after playing 7-8 matches i became to expect pc's movs ... when to pass .when to lob , hardest to know is when the pc will make a trick .. this truly screws my def. anyway i love the new gameplay ... its all what i need'd and ever ask'd ,, attacking+defending ... just awesome !


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hi fidel, all right?

you can make a settings.lua with maximum graphics?

with all on max possible.

Thank you.

U are the best modder of fifa. U are a legend.