[FIFA12] - PATCHES and MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)


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Hi Fidel!Gr8 work mate...a look u all the time and u r the best :) I have a quest. ?? Can u change the camera in FIFA 12 when celebrate ??? Its too close to d player ... can be like in FIFA 11 xbox ??? :D

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Demo low details settings.lua/optimization for low spec pc

Adil_7;3110624 said:
fifa 12 demo wont work on my pc.Has ea removed the very low settings.i have just 1 gb ram.i have problems when the player or pitch appears.like:
1.during defending tutorial
2.selection of kits
3.arena before the match
why ?
i could play fifa 11 in very low settings and 1366 X 768 resolution
please fidel create an optimization patch

hello bro!!! I have released one special settings.lua for low spec pc, after big req by many users/friends!!

FIFA12 Low Details settings lua by Doctor+ Read info to install (important):


This settings lua REQUIRE for max performance/experience:

Install FIFA12 DEMO EU UNLOCK PATCH + MESSI and ALMUNIA ARENA PLAYER/GK 2.0 (read info below, contain my REAL PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZER) read documents for more info

Install FIFA 12 DEMO MODDED UNLOCKED DB 1.1 with Automatic installer alternative version compatible with prepatched data0.bh with settings.lua working on a external folder (read document)

Now download here FIFA 12 DEMO LOW DETAILS SETTINGS.LUA and install this low details settings.lua: Copy data folder on Program Files\EA Sports\EA SPORTS FIFA 12 Demo\Game and owerwrite files

For install on FIFA 12 FULL version copy files to EA Sports\FIFA 12\Game
Now bh files regenerations is needed:
Download Fifa12 i68Regenerator here: http://www.fifamania.it
Open program with admin right (Windows7/Vista), select "take care of edited files stored directly in folder", click go and wait for finish!

Now open rna.ini with notepad and edit this string like this:
ENABLE_MAINMENU_NIS=0 // 0 to disable NIS during menu
if you have problem re-enable!

Save file!

Also check:


Disable the crowd is the best solution for remove lags!

For ATI GPU users, add to rna.ini this string for remove lags: SCREEN_SLEEP = 16 ---> (save file)
or is the same things if you add this string: SCREEN_SLEEP = 16 --->to Documents\FIFA 12\fifasetup.ini (save file)
This tips is good also for high spec pc with ATI GPU - remove micro stuttering problem!
Check my tips on my rna.ini!

Is possible to edit my settings.lua as you want (for expert):
open with notepad and go to this string:
as:SetFloat(settingTable, "PlayerLodPercentageMultiplier", 0.10) - reduce value to 0.08, save file and try, please don't reduce a lot, you play with transparent players!?!

...however, if are still lag problems new CPU/GPU are required!
I play very well without any lag problems with PlayerLodPercentageMultiplier to 100.00, original game value is 1.0 on high details!

I hope this multiple patch becomes useful to all users with low spec!

Start game! Enjoy! BYE BYE


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I think the problem is not related with your db patch since I reinstalled everything and installed only the 2.0 ... but it's still cashing ... could it be the db1.0 I installed before that damaged something that I don't know! I always deleted folders and cleaned the registry after every uninstall process :_(

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net.cat;3110941 said:
Do you receive a warning message right before to start installing the db patch?

'Cause I receive it :/ It says that there're one or more files write-protected. So it asks me if I want to overwrite them anyway ... !

-- restart your pc and then install db!!!


Fidel Gameplay;3110972 said:
....great bro!! awesome graphic !!!!

....have you seen a little bit the gameplay on the demo?

bye bye

ive seen much more than a little, i have extracted over 100 codes & will get some more today.

i have the codes highlighted in a hw file for today cause i got tired of looking 3 days ago.


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fidel, I already have setting.lua in game folder, do I have to delete it? because you setting file must in in data/fifarna/lua/db


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I figured out what was the problem ... >.< incredible!!! My second controller connected!! It's not a xbox360 controller but a 10&#8364; one ... great support EA! obviously it worked in fifa 11 ...

anyway ... great patch as always :)


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shadowwarrior;3111008 said:
After installing the patch Messi is moving and shooting by himself.Is my computer possesed or what?Anyone having this problem?

seems to be Messi so exited to rape players and scoooores like hell
after becoming 99 lol :rofl:

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hello to everyone...the strange problem with messi on arena i think is a problem with game controllers:
for who has this problem, you have only the keyboard? i think a gamepad is required this year, but belonging to this problem, it is really necessary to play this magical game..and for max game experience!!!

...for everyone that make these beautiful videos, please add video details on youtube, like mods used, is good for all comunity and fifa fans!! check the info/link to my mods and details on first post or on documents in the patch pack...

..tomorrow I'm not there, only in the evening!!!

..today i worked to gameplay and others unlock like HG.........and you can see a small video here:
FIFA 12 PC - Fidel's GAMEPLAY MOD (HG) + New celebrations enabled + any others unlock (on beta testing) ..remember HG??

..I don't add other details now!!... bye bye to everyone and stay tuned!!