fifa09 boots by kamos253


Senior Squad
Hey Kamos,

Your work has been superb lately.

Seeing as your Mercurial Vapour 5 Blue/Black was so good, any chance you could do it in a Superfly??

If not, no worries, I just loved the style of it;)



Youth Team
kamos253;2717319 said:
i would like to make other vapor II colorways if i find good pics..and maybe the white f50i

sorry for my english...

yeah man!!...
make the f50 i tunit in white!!-- (Y)


Youth Team
very nice boots Kamos

Your boots look great, but i wonder if you can fix something...
The F50i TUNIT Macaw Green... i think the green is not the right one (i belive a more light green would be great, and they are too shiny... the efect in the game is that they are black...very shiny boots, i hardly can see the green :))... (please, reduce the shine effect... ty very, very much)


Youth Team
hey kamos i wanna do a request!!...
do you make this boots?!!??