Fifa06 keeps crashing


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Hi all who have not yet switched to Fifa07, I got a problem, here is the description, could anyone help me...?

I've been playing fifa06 for PC for some half a year, and the fifa is crashing, and it is still getting worse. Most of cases, randomly during gameplay, it just freezes, while from time to time my win throws a BSOD, containing random error, from IRQ_NOT_LESS..., to errors related to drivers of my soundcard or modem (which I haven't used for some two years). The problem is, the frequency of these crashes is gradually increasing, when I started playing it was some one game from ten which I couldn't finish, now it is not even one of ten which i DO FINISH...

I run fifa through cracked Antiblaxx and Daemon (4.09 or what-was-the-minor-version-number), in fact if I knew the legally bought DVD would solve the problem, I would buy it in the instant...

I run win XP Pro, AMD Athlon 2.4+, 1024 MB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200, RealTek AC Audio, from 160 GB disk I got some 50 GB free (you know, it is not that much but it should be enough...)

I've searched through various forums and found various advices from which I've tried most:
- of course I've got lots of background processes, but even if I tried clean diagnostic startup in msconfig, it was the same
- it could be problem with my RAM, so I ran windows memory diagnostics, extended test, everything OK
- have uninstalled and reinstalled fifa06, nothing changed
- have heard that if I lower hardware acceleration of sound in dxdiag, it could help, but it have not
- certainly I have tried lots of other recipes which I can't remember now, but it is still the same
- one thing that could help but I do not want to do: format and reinstall win - it is my work machine and there's quite a lot of stuff installed and configured so it works properly - if the cost should be so high, then I would have to find some other way to clean my mind while tired of programming...

Write me anything that you think could help, I'm glad for every advice. Thanks.