fifa06 hangs after every match finishes


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hey guys
i am desperate to find a solution. i am playin fifa06 now and the game runs perfectly except that it hangs every time a match finishes and u say continue. as a result you cant go beyond the first match.and continue much so that i have to switch off the system n turn it on again. even ctrl+ alt+ del doesnt work. pls someone help as i'm not even able to play a single match completely after buying.
pls help asap.


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frezzing prob

MAn. i am really bugged with this freezing problem.
the game runs fine, but when u have to quit or continue to the next match, the game freezes.... please help me with this prob.please help my ID is [email protected]


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hmmmm i dunno abt the system specs and graphics stuff but yea some1 told me to get sound master and open commentaries frm it and then exit soundmaster and let it save itself and then try but it didnt work out im still havin the same problem.

p.s. can u tell me the size of chants.big which is found in fifa\data thanks