Fifa06 crash even after reinstalling


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Recently i've been trying to make a custom team with Creation center 06. i imported it in the game quite succesfully but i couldn't load my saved career that i was already running for some time. The game crashed. I could only play other modes like friendlies and custom tournaments.
Anyway, i decided to delete my custom team so i can go on with my career. After deleting it in Creation center completely, the game crashes before it even loads. I start Fifa and when it goes to the first screen where you hear "Fifa flashback" commentary and it asks you to press any key, i press the key and the game crashes. I even reinstalled and still have the same problem!
Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Not sure if you tried this, go into your "My Documents" folder and delete or rename the D.Squads file in the "D. Squads" folder inside the "Fifa 06" folder.

Hope that helps..