FIFA World Cup 06 Demo Released!


Youth Team
This link is from EA Server...

So... I don't think EA would upload a 343.7MB fake file....

I am downloading it... I will upload it to my server in a few hours



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yeah but the link doesn't work. i'm not saying EA would put up fake links...i said someone out there is.


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my connection is slow ... I'll have the game in 1 hours and 15 min :nape:
wait or refresh the for news



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yeap my screens :)
does anybody know what to write i command line to change resolution and graphics level in game??


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Im have a pretty slow download rate happening...but it's probably just the Country I live in...not the server.

jefferson goh

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Well i finish downloading speed 150kps, i am lucky!

Gotta say it's gameply is 70% fifa06 , pretty much the same
The ball gravity is much higher...

The graphic is still ok on low details


Youth Team
the gameplay is better than FIFA 06. The Kits, boots are poor... but I like the Stadium atmosphere with the ballons, big flags, and the pieces of paper.

I think I will buy it. It's a very good FWC game. :)