FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 - 20th Anniversary Patch


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I'm sure a lot of people here remembers FIFA 98 and how it was the first major turning point for the series. While FIFA had already become a household name for virtual football in the four seasons before it, no game had achieved the utter scope of this one, in which you could take your own nation (or any other at your choice) and battle through the Qualifiers all the way to the World Cup in France. It was groundbreaking for its time.

And now, with the 2017-18 season around the corner and in honor of the legacy EA built over the years, I've had the idea of this patch: remaking the national teams and clubs as they were in the 1997-98 season, or at least as they were depicted in FIFA 98, on FIFA 16 (which is the latest we can mod until someone cracks the riddle of Frostbite).

I still have the game with me, so I can at least make the rosters: 20 players for national teams, 16 players for clubs. I know that seems too little, but I'm thinking maybe a "less is more" approach could work (besides, I want this to be as true to the original game as possible, since it's meant to be a homage) - although I want to add a handful of leagues to the 11 in the original game to make it more encompassing (I made a mod with four new leagues in the game, and the Brazilian players all corrected). I can put up a list of teams if anyone's interested to know.

However, I lack the talent for graphic edits (I can make adboards, though). I did manage to make some kits all by myself, but they're all in a basic form: I don't know how to make collars, patterns or more intricate edits (and don't get me started on GK kits). I also don't know the first thing about making faces, and I'd love to have the greatest stars of the time truthfully represented. So I'd like to recruit:

*Facemakers (ability to import faces from FUT Legends is a plus)
*Stats makers (after all, FIFA 98 used only 11 attributes, while today we have 34 plus Skill Moves, and someone who could distribute them fairly is very welcome)

There's no haste to start, after all FIFA 98 will only turn 20 in November, but the sooner we get a team organized, the better.

So, who else wants to do this?


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Very good idea but I think it's a too big project! I make a personnal classic patch, My idea was to create classic champions league...


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Well, so far, I guess I can consider it a tentative project. I had seen this guy making a retro Champions League here (not sure if it was actually you) and got impressed with the level of detail he put in it, so I thought a faux-retro patch like this could work.

But like I said, the thick of it, i.e. the rosters, I already have from FIFA 98 (might put them in a few spreadsheets in the future) -- I thought of using the original rosters, except without the USA League (which wasn't real anyway), and adding in four leagues to compensate - in my game, I made Argentina, Japan, Mexico and Portugal, so maybe mixing them with the other ten built in could work (also, I had fixed the Brazilian League, helping things quite a lot). And I could do it like it was and bare each country down to just the league - no cup or continental competitions.

As for kits, most of them can be found on, but like I said and for reasons already exposited, any kitmakers available are greatly appreciated.