FIFA National Teams v4.2 by Skoczek

Do you want Jose Antonio Reyes instead Juanito in Classic Spain?

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did you done that like this?
yes exactly,
but normally while extracting you see also that parts 2 - 4 are also extracted,
but after extracting part one it stops
or you see for example 70 % unpack part 1, this goes to 100 %, but then
it doens't appear unpack part 2, part 3, etc.


totally i have an amount of 19,4 / 19,6 GB for the facepack folder
IF you have Winrar, select all the 4 facepack files , make a new folder and paste them there , then select the first file which has a zip extension , right click and select "Extract to "FNT v4.1 -"" then select "proceed from all volumes"


i only thought that johan neeskens hair is not indicated correctly,
it seems that he is bald in the middle of his head?
a matter of conversion?
and roberto carlos seems to have hairs

anyway will the issue with ecuador be updated in the next update of ovide

an other issue:
Ronaldo (Brazil) height and weight is wrong:
he is 183 cm and about 80kg
not 192 cm and 91 kg
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Luis martinez

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SI tiene Winrar, seleccione los 4 archivos de facepack, cree una nueva carpeta y péguelos allí, luego seleccione el primer archivo que tenga una extensión zip, haga clic con el botón derecho y seleccione "Extraer a" FNT v4.1 - "" luego seleccione "proceder de todos los volúmenes"
Ahhh. I did the installation wrong. I only extracted the first part of the facepack.rar and like the others were zipped. I thought it was going to pull it all together