FIFA National Teams v3 by Skoczek

Do you want Jose Antonio Reyes instead Juanito in Classic Spain?

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I'm a little late, I know.

But a lot will change in the near future. I'm heading off to college in 2 months, and I have no clue if I'll have the hardware to play and mod on, much less if I'll have the time to do it all.

That being said, I'm sending a message. This mod, in terms of functionality, is complete.
It remains to update the lineups, at this point I am making it clear.

I don't want to sound tactless, but I can no longer cope with it myself. The enthusiasm I had 3-4 years ago has largely subsided. I no longer want to do mods that require annual updates. Admittedly, this one could be done every 2 years, but I can no longer manage it myself.

Unless someone can be found who, not just by word of mouth, but seriously helps me deal with this mod from the technical side, it is possible that I will abandon it.

However, this does not mean that I want to end it all. I liked the concept of theme mods. I also came up with the idea of "license patches" for each FIFA, which would simply patch the licenses.
I can do it in 2 months or in 5 years, it doesn't matter here.

I have to get money for a new computer, I have to learn to live on my own. So I hope that by November, I'll be able to patch it up and enjoy the 2022 World Cup on virtual pitches and that other stuff won't bother me nor you.

Stay tuned.
I think many of us oldtimers can relate.

I came to soccergaming when I started university too (fifa 11), and since then I've changed laptops, PCs, apartments, cities and even countries, but if there is passion for modding, it still remains.
Everything will be alright ;)


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I updated Revolution Mod in FNT, so now you can play with Al Rihla in arena, training mode and skill games


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1. I don't know if a team containing more than 42 teams by default will crash the game.
2. Why would you want 60 players in one team?
I think they mean more than 60 national teams due to google translate not translating "selectiones" as NTs in Spanish.