FIFA Master Roadmap BY Rinaldo


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I've found this on Rinaldo's web site,so you can read guys...he is doing a great job,thx Rinaldo. ;)

Rinaldo wrote:

''As you probably know FIFA 11 for PC is very different from the previous versions of the game. This means that all the tools for editing the game must be redesigned and, before, it is necessary to discover the internal file structure of FIFA 11. This job is taking some time but recently we are making some good progress. I want to give you an overview of the current situation and of the next steps:

1) Editing the database. This is at a good point because we discovered everything we need in order to modify the database. DB Master 11 is now at beta 5 and it seems quite stable. I think I can release it shortly. A little bit more complex could be discover the meaning of each field, specially for fields that are new in FIFA 11. I want to open a specific session in the forum for posting everything we discover about the usage of database fields.

2) Editing the files saved by FIFA 11 like, manager, squad, tournament etc. Internal Master 11 is at its Beta 1 version. We still have a big question mark: the files include a CRC control and the algorithm is still unknown. Until we discover this we cannot modify an internal file but we can only read it.

3) Files management: I already have an alpha version of File Master 11 running on y PC, almost ready for a public Beta. As usual it allows to navigate the file system, export and import files, remove etc. As an additional feature for FIFA 11, it allows to export and import RX3 files that are compressed using the deflate\inflate algorithm.

4) RX3 textures: I am now working to RX3 Master, a tool that allows to show the textures present in the RX3 and to import new pictures. It will work in combination with File Master: with File Master you can export\import RX3 files from the big files, with RX3 Master you can modify them. I am making good progress and 80% of the structure of RX3 files is already known (special thanks to Bassio for his help) so I am confident I can release a Beta in the short term.

5) RX3 3D models; RX3 files are used for saving also 3D models, I didn’t start to deeply study them yet . Anyway my goal is not to develop a 3D editor but just to discover enough for showing 3D faces, balls etc so it should not be a huge job.

6) CM 11: as you can understand the development of CM11 is not started yet. Hopefully I will be able to spend some time on it during my winter vacations so, you could expect a Beta sometime in January... at least I hope so.

8) Sound Master 11: well I love to edit the commentary, but I have to give priority to CM anyway it will be the next in the list. Sound Master fans should wait a little bit.

9) Manager Master 11: oh yes this is another tool in the list but, honestly, I don’t think I have enough time for it.... I hope that somebody else can take this in charge (Krystian!!! Where are you ?)

Starting with the first official release of DB naster I will also distribute the documentation for using my DLL so, if some other programmer wants to develop his own tools he can use it. The community will benefit of this for sure. Stay tuned !''


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Very nice news, FIFA11 Database is too difficult to be understood so we need to wait more!!!

CM11 I am waiting for you!!!


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Thanks for the news. I'm sure we can wait the necesary time for the tools . Any way its like discovering the "FIFA11 Roseta stone", i mean every thing is so new. Thanks and good luck


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looking forward to your RX3 Master
cuz the current virsion of FIFA 11 Textures Editor has a big problem with .dds mipmaps' quality
so texmod is still my first choice

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great news, thx for the info....
special thanks to Rinaldo for fantastic works and your time used for study new files structures!!!!!!!!!
thanks to UNKNOWN8 for make a thread!!
much greatings


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Antigonos;2959455 said:
Very nice news, FIFA11 Database is too difficult to be understood so we need to wait more!!!

CM11 I am waiting for you!!!

same like you, i think FIFA11 Database is too difficult

I'm waiting too for CM11 :bob: