FIFA MASTER 08 - Development plan

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It will be released the first half of this week

So between Monday and Wednesday?


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Yaah!!! i'm in heaven!!! :P

When you release it, is it then a good idea to make a topic here where we post the bugs for you as an easy list to see what is still not working 100%. (hope nothing)

GOT IT!!!!


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excelent,one question,rinaldo said that he will try to solve the problem with the manager mode games started before the modification of fifa,will they work after i modified some faces or other stuff?cause at 07 it didn't.


Hello Rinaldo, wanted to make you comment on a BUG that I found... when I changed the neck to the selection of Brazil and I save the changes, I entered to the game and I could notice that all the names of the stadiums no longer appear more... I hope this helps you to solve this problem.
A hug :rockman: