FIFA MASTER 08 - Development plan


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Interista13;2441494 said:
Meh, as long as CM will be fairly stable and I can easily import kits, fonts, boots and balls, it will be a perfect program for me! :p

Just one question to alpha testers: Has the wait time for, say, importing kits shortened? For example, can we import kits faster than the last CM?

More faster Interista, it's a wonderfull tool.

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There are two new screens of the CM at

And please release the CM this weekend!
I mean it's only a BETA Version, of course the're might be bugs, I would never expect a beta-version to be perfect! But please release it...


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Patience lads, patience!

I waited ages last season for West Ham to win a game away from home and eventually my patience rewarded me



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hey rinaldo, don't you want to include more langeuges in the full version? me and my team can translate it for hungarian. i know its a lil' country but (i think nobody knows it :) ) there is a huge fifa community. so if you want to make local versions too we can help you.


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I think the beta u need to test ur self what works smoot and dont make to big changes with it, i just keep it to tranfers, add players and giving better average scores to player


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First time post as a member of the soccergaming community . Very little has been mentioned about SoundMaster 08 in these forums and it is not on the list of programs on the Fifamaster website. I still have the International Commentary Patch from 07, and would love to keep the english commentary along with all of the foreign commentators {name announcing}. It makes the game experience that much more fullfilling. It dosen't appear CM08 will edit commentary. In an earlier post Rinaldo mentioned the idea of a Sound Master 08.
Has anybody been able to add international player names commentary to the english db file? Would you be willing to share such a file?


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/\ I never have heard that happening before, that would be awesome if it could be done for '08. Playing manager mode I find I end up with a 'world XI' without any names being said.