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    Fifa Kits Modder 15

    This tool will help modding easier for modifing rx3 kit file. Support both FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 rx3 files. First Modding Tool by FIFA Modders for FIFA Community.

    All queries related to this tool can be posted here.

    It is a beta version. More Stable version can be created based on the user experiences.

    Version Full version

    Official Site :
    Official Blog Link (Media Fire) :



    Fifa14 and 15 rx3 texture files
    PNG, bng, jpeg images
    Can use the same file for both FIFA 14 and 15

    Make sure to run both Setup and Application as Administrator

    How to use :

    Step 1
    You can edit the file either by opening an existing rx3 kit file or by Clicking new button to open inbuilt dummy kit file.

    Step 2
    Import the kit texture images either by PNG or Jpeg. But make sure you use the correct image dimensions.

    Logo 128 X 128 pixel
    Shirt and shorts 1024 X 1024 pixel

    Step 3

    Once you are done with the importing .. Click on save button. Current version didn't have Save As option. So when you save the file you opened will be modified as new one.

    The saved file will be in any of the following location

    If you have used new option to create your rx3 kit texture .. than the saved kit will be in

    app folder/ resources/DummyKit.rx3 ( Don't remove it for any cause. Just copy it some where for your use )

    Or if you used the open option to create a kit file. Then the file you opened will be converted and saved into a new one.


    Always try to use open option to create kit files. Even if you don't have kit file. Use new function for first time alone and copy the saved kit from resource folder to somewhere else and use it for further use

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