FIFA Infinity Patch 16 V6.0 (22/23 Edition)


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Would anyone know if it is possible to hide a players rating permanently on user team? I know it might be odd but i'd like to find players based on certain criteria without looking at their overall rating as it ends up causing a bias. I want to see their stats just not their overall. It's probably not possible but thought I'd ask.


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Hi everyone! Is there a way to generate the playerlist.txt in FIP Bootfolder based on the DB that you are actually running - to have all the transfered players in the right team? Thanks in advance and thank you for this amazing community! :)


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It would be great to update Czech league if someone is interested. Especially because most of the new kits are basic/template.



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Does anyone have a problem whit red or yellow card, game crashing every time if someone players got it ?? It s really big problem


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This latest update in which all transfer window players. Does anyone convert this fifa 14 DB into FIFA 16?
please anyone convert it for me?
Thank u

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