FIFA Infinity Patch 14 (HBZ Mod 19/20 Edition)


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This is the download page of the current FIFA Infinity patch at their site, don't know if it has been updated since:
For the 19/20 version, though, I think that we might aswell wait a little more before it becomes available.

Good luck @HarryBullZak for this project, and congrats for managing to join forces with a well renowned and acclaimed team.

Well, not a single link works anymore, sadly, so I guess we can only wait for Harry to do his thing and play other stuff like his 18/19 mod.


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HarryBullZak. Has the name changed to HBZ Mode to Infinity Patch? Is Infinity patch the same way to install and use HBZ mode?


How can the community shield fixture be changed to take place between city & liverpool for the 18/19 mod if its even possible?


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I miss you @HarryBullZak :innocent_smile_1:

Give us some update of the mod:andrei: