FIFA Infinity Patch 14 (HBZ Mod 19/20 Edition)


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Hello HarryBullZak read all the comments on this blog, but I do not see anyone talking about this error, when playing the game in Spanish, the names of the new leagues appear ligue_team and some code, also and noticed that when requesting funds "money" the last game closes,


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STATUS - 03/04/2020
Thank you, everyone, for all the feedback. I am definitely not ignoring anyone. In particular the issue with the length of La Liga 1 & 2 fixtures. This will be fixed. This was an oversight brought on by me restoring an older version of my save after my laptop was stolen. This is also true for a couple of the other issues. This may mean that the versioning mentioned below may change.

I do apologise for not replying to everyone as I did previously, but as you can see below I have a huge list of things to do. All whilst trying to stop people from making money off of all the hard work everyone has put into this mod. Which on that note, I am happy to say I have been able to get content removed from websites and youtube channels. Some of the channels are lucky that I didn't get them completely taken down.

In positive news. Some exciting things are currently being worked on behind the scenes to bring new features. :)

Please leave feedback either here or on the Discord server in the FIP14 section:

  • Public BETA release - COMPLETE
  • v2.00 - pre-winter transfers - COMPLETE
  • BREAK - Back w/c 9th March 2020
  • v2.01 - fixes - COMPLETE
  • v2.10 - post-winter transfers - WORKING
  • v2.11 - post-winter transfer fixes
  • v2.20 - Copa Libertadores release
  • v2.21 - Copa Libertadores fixes
  • (Possible) v2.30 - MLS 2020 update
  • (Possible) v2.30 - Brasileiro 2020 update
  • (Possible) v3.00 - FIFA 2021 update
TASKS - v2.10 - post-winter transfers

  • Issue with fonts on Barcelona kits
  • Fix winter balls
  • Fix referee faces
  • Update referee kits (UEFA Super Cup etc)
  • Update Club World Cup tournament icon
  • UPDATE miniheads
  • Investigate crash on 2nd-20th August XXXX with various teams
  • NEW - Fix La Liga 1 & 2 fixtures from 37 to 38
  • Remove/update faces that cause a crash
  • CSKA Sofia & Levski Sofia added to efbet league - COMPLETE
  • Update latest FIFA 20 miniheads - COMPLETE
  • Stadium pack 1 - Around 200+ new stadiums - COMPLETE
  • Complete custom FIFA 20 theme - WORKING
  • (Possible) Add custom FIP14 theme
  • Add new in-game wipes
  • Add new presentation wipes
  • Add new flags - COMPLETE
  • Add new adboards where required
  • Apply latest squad file - DATE TBC
  • NEW South American teams added
  • Add RPL minifaces
  • Add user-created minifaces
  • Add new versions of Tournament trophies
  • Create new boots
  • Boots & Boot Manager
  • Add previously converted FIFA 15-20 EA starheads
  • (Possible) Fix shiny hair of previously converted faces
  • Add custom faces
  • (Possible) Convert remaining FIFA 20 PC player faces
  • (Possible) Update Icons faces and stats
  • (Possible) Explain how to use Icons in-game in the READ_ME.txt document
  • Add a list of all player faces to READ_ME.txt
  • Add a comprehensive Tournament Manager guide to READ_ME.txt
  • Add new Popups & Scoreboards
  • Improve kit details via .lua files
  • New kit numbers
  • Add new International kits
  • Stadium pack 2 - 60+ new stadiums
  • Add new tournament dress for stadiums
  • Fully update language packs
  • Testing
  • Release
Please check the following post for regular updates
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1. 2.01 Patch is also installed. I started career mode with Barcelona, but the league schedule is different from the actual schedule. Is this part not updated? Do you all have the same problem as me?

2. Played the Champions League in career mode. There is no Champions League music. Wasn't this part updated? Is everyone here like me?

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[QUOTE = "HarryBullZak, publicación: 6546741, miembro: 203483"] ESTADO - 04/03/2020
Gracias a todos por todos los comentarios. Definitivamente no estoy ignorando a nadie. En particular, el problema con la duración de los partidos de La Liga 1 y 2. Esto será arreglado. Este fue un descuido provocado por mí al restaurar una versión anterior de mi guardado después de que me robaron mi computadora portátil. Esto también es cierto para algunos de los otros problemas. Esto puede significar que la versión mencionada a continuación puede cambiar.

Pido disculpas por no responder a todos como lo hice anteriormente, pero como puede ver a continuación, tengo una gran lista de cosas que hacer. Todo mientras trata de evitar que las personas ganen dinero con todo el trabajo duro que todos han puesto en este mod. Que en esa nota, me complace decir que he podido eliminar contenido de sitios web y canales de youtube. Algunos de los canales tienen suerte de no haberlos eliminado por completo.

En noticias positivas. Actualmente se están trabajando en algunas cosas emocionantes detrás de escena para traer nuevas características.:)

Por favor, deje sus comentarios aquí o en el servidor Discord en la sección FIP14:

  • Lanzamiento público BETA - COMPLETO
  • v2.00 - transferencias pre-invierno - COMPLETO
  • DESCANSO - Atrás c / 9 de marzo de 2020
  • v2.01 - correcciones - COMPLETO
  • v2.10 - transferencias post-invierno - TRABAJANDO
  • v2.11 - arreglos de transferencia post-invierno
  • v2.20 - Lanzamiento de Copa Libertadores
  • v2.21 - Arreglos de Copa Libertadores
  • (Posible) v2.30 - Actualización MLS 2020
  • (Posible) v2.30 - Actualización Brasileiro 2020
  • (Posible) v3.00 - Actualización FIFA 2021
TAREAS - v2.10 - transferencias posteriores al invierno

  • Problema con las fuentes en los kits de Barcelona
  • Arreglar pelotas de invierno
  • Arreglar caras de árbitro
  • Actualizar kits de árbitros (Supercopa de la UEFA, etc.)
  • Actualizar el ícono del torneo de la Copa Mundial de Clubes
  • ACTUALIZAR mini cabezas
  • Investigue el accidente del 2 al 20 de agosto de XXXX con varios equipos
  • NUEVO: arregle los partidos de La Liga 1 y 2 del 37 al 38
  • Eliminar / actualizar caras que causan un bloqueo
  • CSKA Sofía y Levski Sofía añadidos a la liga efbet - COMPLETO
  • Actualizar los últimos miniheads de FIFA 20 - COMPLETO
  • Paquete de estadios 1: alrededor de más de 200 estadios nuevos: COMPLETO
  • Completa el tema personalizado de FIFA 20 - TRABAJANDO
  • (Posible) Agregar tema personalizado FIP14
  • Agregar nuevas toallitas en el juego
  • Agregar nuevas toallitas de presentación
  • Agregar nuevas banderas - COMPLETO
  • Agregue nuevos paneles publicitarios donde sea necesario
  • Aplicar el último archivo de escuadrón - DATE TBC
  • NUEVOS equipos sudamericanos añadidos
  • Añadir minifaces RPL
  • Agregar minifaces creadas por el usuario
  • Agregar nuevas versiones de trofeos de torneos
  • Crea nuevas botas
  • Administrador de botas y botas
  • Agregue cabezas de estrella EA FIFA 15-20 previamente convertidas
  • (Posible) Arregle el cabello brillante de caras convertidas previamente
  • Agregar caras personalizadas
  • (Posible) Convierta las caras restantes de los jugadores de PC de FIFA 20
  • (Posible) Actualizar caras e íconos de iconos
  • (Posible) Explica cómo usar los iconos en el juego en el documento READ_ME.txt
  • Agregue una lista de todas las caras de jugadores a READ_ME.txt
  • Agregue una guía completa de Tournament Manager a READ_ME.txt
  • Agregar nuevas ventanas emergentes y marcadores
  • Mejore los detalles del kit a través de archivos .lua
  • Nuevos números de kit
  • Añadir nuevos kits internacionales
  • Paquete de estadios 2: más de 60 estadios nuevos
  • Agrega una nueva vestimenta de torneo para estadios
  • Actualiza completamente los paquetes de idiomas
  • Pruebas
  • Lanzamiento
Por favor, consulte la siguiente publicación para actualizaciones periódicas
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friend there is a problem that appears from time to time, it is juventus in series A, from the friendlies you can play normal, but in career mode it leaves the game when we face juve, but sometimes it lets play, but very rare time ... 70% quit the game and the rest works ...


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1. 2.01 Patch is also installed. I started career mode with Barcelona, but the league schedule is different from the actual schedule. Is this part not updated? Do you all have the same problem as me?

2. Played the Champions League in career mode. There is no Champions League music. Wasn't this part updated? Is everyone here like me?
The league schedule is probably the one that is in FIFA 20. But why this should be a problem to you?
Champions League anthem is not included in this patch. If you have previously used moddingway mod you can get the MW selector put it in your FIFA 14 folder, paste the audiodata folder from your old moddingway patch into FIFA 14/Game folder, regenerate. Open the MW selector and choose the intro combination from there.
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When you select a team from the Turkish Super League in career mode, please help throw it out of the game
Bro tournament managerde sağ üsttekini all League players yaptıktan sonra yanındaki applye bas, sonra yeni kariyer modunu açarken Avrupa kupaları kuralarını hiç elleme

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Segunda División(la liga 2) also have issues with number of game in a season.Now it is 41 and the actual number of fixtures are 42.


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hello guys and congratulations to @harry for the great job he is doing .... I'm going for a moment OT ..... can you tell me a turf mod that works well x fifa 14 thanks a lot to all bye


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[QUOTE = "lolo, posta: 6588319, üye: 219597"] knk kovuluyorum neden oluyor [/ QUOTE]

Bende de oluyo her maç sonu posta geliyo durumunu değerlendiriyoruz diye 29.hafta filan kovuldum valla

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STATUS - 06/04/2020
Theme is almost done...

Please leave feedback either here or on the Discord server in the FIP14 section:

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Problem Reported by Nikita(from VK)
He topped the group stages of champions league but due to some error he ended up in europa league.He was playing with Club Brugge.