FIFA Infinity Patch 14 (HBZ Mod 19/20 Edition)


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I will do. ! have updated the starting line-ups for now. There is a possibility that a mod will be released with improved Russian teams and the 2nd division too. A Russian team called TEKR asked if they could add it. If they do it I'll release at some point.
That's great news. Given how EA totally showed the middle finger to their Russian playerbase when losing the license to Konami, and in fact have been neglecting it forever (never adding a single stadium until very recently) these mods are the perfect response.

I get asked about gameplay a lot but I haven't done anything to it. It is the default gameplay.
What it sounds like though is you have applied the 'F14 beta990 Difficulty Mod'. Difficulty mod is a massive over simplification of what it does but that file can be found here: FIFA 14\Game\rna.ini
Interesting. I didn't apply any gameplay mods specifically, only unpacked the archives, chose the needed DB and tournaments.

These newer stadiums will be released in Stadium Pack 2 with a large number of other stadiums.
Great. Speaking of stadiums, is there any way to assign Ataturk Istambul stadium as the final venue for 2019-20 UCL?
I just finished my Liverpool run in tournament mode and the final game was at Anfield, which was kind of anticlimactic.
I looked up RM documentation and found identifyTournamentFinalStadium(tournamentassetid,stadiumid) but as the description suggests looks like it only affects a certain stadium's graphics if it's already set as the final venue ("This will identify this stadium as the venue of the final of a tournament, any games held here in the tournament will use assigned final graphics").
I know when creating a custom stadium there's a Final Stadium selection option. Would be great if the already preset UCL 19-20 tournament had an assigned Ataturk final venue as well.

Yes, always happy to update things like this. I never seem to find the time to look through the various forums when I'm building a mod so updates and improvements like this only happen when I'm doing that specific thing.
Never mind Genk, I realised bayer 04 and Real Madrid have generic banners. :D Would you like me to upload by banners folder?

Can you imagine how much of a headache it will be to explain all of this when people have issues with copy and pasting?
Yeah I can imagine :D
But it would really be awesome to start with Neymar in Santos and Neuer in Schalke and see where things go in an alternative 2020. Personally of course I'd be most interested in authentic kits, boots and balls for each season, nostalgia moments as well.
Just a thought, maybe the first beta versions could be "manual" meaning that the "sceneassets 13-14" folder would have to be renamed to "sceneassets" for it to work, and later on maybe a fancy selector could be implemented like those you have for db/tournament selection.


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Scoreboards are easy to create Harry, i actually updated the Bundesliga, EPL, Ligue 1 and Serie A scoreboardS to my liking, but i can't post them bc it's essentially derevitive work.
I'm working on a proper FIFA 20 scoreboard both kickoff and FUT version not from scratch though.
You just need Photoshop or Gimp.

The most challenging(painful) part is defining the overlay positions and font with HexEditor.
Changing the colour is easy.
here are the scoreboard im currently using in most of the leagues. huge credit to the various authors and modders

HM Facemaker

Facepack 1.png

Armando Broja:
Japhet Tanganga:
Oscar Dorley:
Odsonne Édouard:
Matthew Longstaff:
Sean Longstaff:


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Hello guys, my question is not mod-related but I need your help!!
Is there anyway to make more than 3 substitutions in the game "exihibition mode" ??


Senior Squad
Ronaldo's goal celebration seem to be changed. Now he celebrates like a dog or something. How can I change that? I mean not through "edit player" in the game. It must be scripted somewhere.
And about those crashes on searching players.. I still haven't experienced any crash.
I'm a win 8.1 user.
Yeah it looks like he is a dog lol


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@HarryBullZak hey boss, I like your mod... very cool!!!... question though... why is it that some stadiums show a green/blue textures???... it is not only one but several ones... thanks!!...


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Mates where can I scout young players for better result (from youth scout)
I didn't find any high potential player nowdays
In previous mod v2 I found some them but nowdays I cannot find

any help


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Mates where can I scout young players for better result (from youth scout)
I didn't find any high potential player nowdays
In previous mod v2 I found some them but nowdays I cannot find

any help
look for 5star rated scouts then go to Argentina and Brazil for elite players then followed by Spain, Portugal, Italy and England. Sign only those with 70-94 POT ragardles of rating range.. wait for the 1st of May of every year to promote youth players to first team squad that when their rating is adjusted to their potential.. as you wait for 1May just keep only those with potential 80-94.. note that come first of May a 17year old with POT 89-94 will give you a higher rating 69-76 a 16 year old will usualy have a lower rating than a 17 year old with the same potential


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I have installed FIFA 14 on two laptops on 1 the mod works great but on the 2nd, the mod does not work at all, it loads the original Fifa 14 squads,leagues,kits etc even though i installed the mod correctly on the 2nd one.
Can anyone help?


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thank you very much for helping.
i have encountered two bugs when i play premier league the game crashes when i play against norwich and when i play against watford, please resolve friend.
you are a great

Harry BullZak

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FIFA Infinity Patch 14 v2.20 NOW AVAILABLE
(FIP 14/HBZ Mod - 19/20 Edition)


- Added ability to select China Super League, Germany 3. Liga, Japan J1 League, Romania Casa Liga 1 and Turkey Super Lig in Career mode with full objectives and ability to request additional funds from board
- Updated wipe3d for many top leagues and competitions
- Updated F20 theme (previous theme must be uninstalled)
- Added Gelson Martins to AS Monaco squad
- Added Napoli alternate Champions League kit
- Updated celebrations
- Updated Liverpool & Genk banners

- Fixed issue with teams playing in both the Copa Liberatadores and Sudamericana at the same time
- Fixed issue with incorrect Nationality of players from Slovenia & Cyprus
- Improved Russian League starting line-ups
- Fixed issue with Champions League not populating (fixes August crash)

- Added 68 missing faces (applicable to v2.02 database)
- Stanislas Junior (Bournemouth) Caused crash in Career mode
- Mustafi Shkodran (Arsenal) Fixed an issue with eye files
- Héctor Bellerín (Arsenal) Fixed shiny hair
- Braithwaite Martin (Barcelona) New face
- Esposito Sebastiano (Inter) New face
- Promes Quincy (Ajax) FIFA 20 PC conversion
- Škriniar Milan (Inter) FIFA 20 PC conversion

Please leave feedback either here or on the Discord server in the FIP14 section:

Please check the following post for regular updates
>>> HERE <<<


Supporting video:


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harry I am not updated version 12 all in one because with v11 I had no problems I think, so I can do this update after v11 or do I have to install v12


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Thank you for your work HarryBullZak! Please correct and put a real ID for forward Krylya Sovetov Egor Golenkov (ID: 235478) in future updates and please add even more stadiums.

fabio pinzon

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Harry good afternoon a question I would like to know if I decrease the difficulty of the game because the rivals are no longer so intense thanks (Y)


i try default database v2.20 base, career mode work fine
but extra database v2.20 from china super league until the last turkey league, carrer mode lock