FIFA File Explorer 2015


Youth Team

Features :
  • Support FIFA11 -> FIFA15 file format
  • Support drag & drop
  • Support : .big, .rx3, .dds, .bh, .rx3 ...
  • Import, export with 10 popular picture format : png, bmp, tif, tga, dds ...
  • Import, export file
  • Hex editor
  • ...
New features :
  • Adapt to support Fifa15's file
  • Allow to open >2gb file
  • Import rx3 texture with free size, no crash (fixed)
  • GUI now resizeable

Version 1.03: beta

  • soon (Im waiting for full game to test some files)

Find older version here : File Explorer

Any suggestions are welcome.


Youth Team
perfect jenkey. you are the GUY

its possible decrypt EASF compression ?

the database its not editable because this


Youth Team
ronaldojr;3738771 said:
perfect jenkey. you are the GUY

its possible decrypt EASF compression ?

the database its not editable because this

I have to wait full game for debugging it. EASF will be decrypted as soon as I can start the game.


Youth Team
I was getting worried we wouldn't be able to adjust player lod this year due to new EASF. This may have made my year.

Even had a go at trying to extract the files from a ram dump. Failed.


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Jenkey forgot 1 Thing.Im sure he will make another thread once its done

Fifa15 File Loader work-in-progress
Fifa15 File Loader

New features :

Game speeder : change gameplay speed
Ingame menu : switch mod easily

General Features :

This tool will help modding easier and faster without modifing system file or any regenerate tool.
Works with compressed & uncompressed data.

Supports :

FIFA15 demo & FIFA15 full version
64 bit compatible


Reserve Team
Great work!
Can't wait for the release. :)

Now playing FIFA 15 with American VPN. When will it be released in your country?


Super Moderator
Awesome! I've been waiting for this :D btw, did you check whether the hair texture rx3 and kit rx3 still have those file corruption bugs like in the FIFA 14 explorer? I like your s/w UI and I wanna be using it rather than having to use multiple softwares for different files.

If you don't understand what i am talking about, I mean the game crashing after importing a hair texture in to the rx3. and the same happening for the kits :)

I hope it's fixed now

Thanks for your brilliant work


Youth Team
Thanks, Jenkey! Good to see you back. It sounds like you are very busy with real life dealings, so thanks very much for helping out the community! (Y)