Fifa Editor Tool,New Fifa 20-21 Tool


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What do you think of the new tool that will be available soon?

FIFA Editor Tool
We are working with a developer to create a free tool to be able to mod FIFA 20, 21 and all future FIFAs, with new useful features!

Data Explorer for FIFA 20, Export/Import/Viewing not yet supported. For now

Simply put, we are working with a highly skilled and experienced C# developer to create an advanced application to be able to modify FIFA 20, FIFA 21, and whatever comes after that.

Progress Updates
August 20, 2020: Added basic CAS reader, and can now extract and format any texture in the game as a DDS. Also added basic data explorer (see below pic) that can view the file path of all res/chunk files (not EBX or legacy yet). Exporting, importing and viewing will come later.


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@Kovea way too soon to talk about it. fifa 21 is not even released and what are you showing is a tool that only reads fifa 20.
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There's nothing to be excited about at this stage of development. Over the years there was plenty of tools/scripts allowing to browse and export file from frostbite games. Only Gman managed to take it onto another level with his Frosty Tool Suite where he added actual possibility of modding these games.

that will be available soon


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Accessing FIFA 20 is pointless at this stage as we already have Frosty Editor. Whoever is making the tool needs to concentrate on Madden 21 and inevitably FIFA 21 which has a changed file system, new reading and writing process, different compression, new encryption, changed SDK location and much more. I've spent weeks on it and only got as far as reading file locations, getting out fields for EBX files, generating an SDK (in C#, C++ was Aranaktu's work), and getting Madden 21 to load using a "Mods" folder.