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FIFA Edition


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FIFA Edition brings you The World’s Game with unrivalled authenticity, featuring football’s biggest stars, and national teams.

With more than 4,850 players across 211 national teams, FIFA Edition is the place you can play in iconic competitions such as the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Euro, Copa America, AFCON, AFC Asian Cup, Concacaf Gold Cup, and OFC Nations Cup.

Old school games are not meant to be abandoned, but to be enhanced.

Features :
● New Logos
● New Kits
● New Boots & Gloves
● New Theme
● New Adboard
● New Balls
● Update Squad

Progress 42%
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Senior Squad
no friends, I didn't convert artificial mods @Skoczek, I made my own mods such as the statistics of players who got my license imitating fifa 22 while for players and national teams that don't have a license I judged the statistics by watching the national team live via streaming, and there are some additions such as face, hair and tattoo credit for @tokke001, for jersey credit for @robmar85, there are some jerseys that I made myself, thank you in advance sorry for making you think badly of me
don't think badly of you mate, just there's so many people nowadays using materials and even most of time making pay for things they don't made that we just look. Good luck with your mod man :)


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WoW! Afghanistan, Australia and Bahrain latest kit, great job bro!
Will this patch concluded all the FIFA 211 national association members?