FIFA 22 Nintendo Switch Body Model for FIFA 14


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Hello guys, i'm doing a FIFA model project, after so much work, I managed to make certain conversions of FIFA 22 Nintendo Switch models and adjusted the body for FIFA 14, here are some samples.

Can use the FIFA 22 Kits textures without a problem, without make a edit for the sleeves for adjust

I will fix some details soon


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Can you please give the female body model a try too?
Maybe you can achieve better results than what we have now (it's not without a couple bugs)
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Guys, my opinion fifa 14 is the best fifa, and these update works encourage us to keep playing. But would someone have the ability to improve managers, with new body models, such as: short sleeve shirts, other types of Carlos*ets, in short, something better than what we have. I know some brothers put faces, but on the physical models standardized by the game. If it's possible to change the physical models of players, wouldn't it be possible to do the same with managers?