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FIFA 22 | Enhanced Gameplay w/Sliders | #0.3


Club Supporter
Can't wait! Hopefully the gameplay will be slower. Because after the ridiculous updates of Fifa, the gameplay gets worse every time.


Club Supporter
Update #0.3
● Slightly reduced shot error for less artificial errors

Player Movement
● Adjusted some movement speed / acceleration
● Adjusted sprint explosiveness to allow for more dynamic gameplay
● Adjusted some turning / changing direction speed

● Adjusted some dribbling and traps
● Slightly faster dribble sprint start
● Slightly faster skill moves
● Adjusted some dribble turns / change of direction speed

● Strength are taken more into play and will affect some collision scenarios
● As a result, injuries will happen slightly more often


  • Enhanced Gameplay - Sliders #0.3.zip
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Club Supporter
I really like the mods like 0.6a without the sliders. The counter AI on the counter is pretty dumb. The defense Players do not run with the attackers on the counterattack. Sometimes I run into the 16 alone with 4 attackers. High-pressing teams are particularly vulnerable. At 0.3, the defense players are really running along. Can you improve that on 0.6a?


Club Supporter
Something is wrong with the mod. I reinstalled the game and since then the mod has been working properly again. Positioning was right and defense ran right back. Out of nowhere the mod doesn't work again. It's pushed too high, too many attackers up front, and there's no defense at all. Can someone help?


Club Supporter
Since the new patch no gameplay mod works anymore. They changed the gameplay with the patch. Can you update it?
Same thing for me, the game crash when i put the enhanced gameplay mod and when i remove it the game is ok but the game play wooow is very ugly and unplayable, midfielder are walking in defensive position and they stop to move, fullback are defending in central position, i take the ball and i run, just run and still running until a very easy goal like if i had only maradona on my team.... an the goalkeeper my god, they are soooooo bad!
Pleaaase help us the game is very arwful without youre mod!!!


Club Supporter
Update changelogs:
● Adjusted CPU shot power to have more chances for under/overpowered shots [#0.5]
● Reduce ping pong passes [#0.5]

● Adjust team press on normal condition [#0.5]

● More dribble interrupt, slightly slower dribbling [#0.5]
● Adjust sprint start with the ball, previous is too slow [#0.5]
● Adjust dribble change direction to become more natural while still keeping it not too easy [#0.5]

● Adjust GK positioning [#0.5]