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FIFA 22 | Enhanced Gameplay w/Sliders | #0.3


Senior Squad
I put statistical match with two small teams. Maybe you will be useful to improve. I play with frejus cpu besançon.if you want me to remove tell me
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Club Supporter
I put statistical match with two small teams. Maybe you will be useful to improve. I play with frejus cpu besançon.if you want me to remove tell meView attachment 87959
It's alright, tho i don't really pay attention to match statistics as it will vary according to each individual settings especially match length.

For example the stats are gonna be different for ppl who played 5mins half length with 10mins half length.


Senior Squad
Hi, sorry to bother you, I wanted to know how you did to have the national 3 of France on fifa 22?
I can't find the mod on pc...
Thank you for the answer
sorry for for it citizen.next time julien contact me by pm no on the post of another. the patch with the french leagues and a private patch will not be available for the public sorry


Club Supporter
Update changelogs:
● Adjusted CPU shot power to have more chances for under/overpowered shots [#0.5]
● Reduce ping pong passes [#0.5]

● Adjust team press on normal condition [#0.5]

● More dribble interrupt, slightly slower dribbling [#0.5]
● Adjust sprint start with the ball, previous is too slow [#0.5]
● Adjust dribble change direction to become more natural while still keeping it not too easy [#0.5]

● Adjust GK positioning [#0.5]


  • Enhanced Gameplay #0.6a.fifamod.zip
    97.1 KB · Views: 604


Club Supporter
Nice mod. I tested the mod add ball bounce marker version 1.0 but it is not working, is it something in the load order? Or is it because of the game version?


Club Supporter
Thanks dude. Your mods are really cool. Especially the enhanced gameplay #0.4. I like the slow-paced gameplay and have enjoyed it a lot in this mode. It was very realistic in every way! Unfortunately, I updated fifa on yesterday. Now fifa mod manager has warned that there is a problem with legacy files.


Club Supporter
This gameplay MOD is really good in my opinion. I only play CPU vs CPU and I found match results is more real than original AI after testing several matches. There are less goals per match(which is closed to reality)because of better defense,slower game speed and more shoting error


Club Supporter
Hi guys. Since I play Fifa for 20 minutes halftime and score too many goals, I'm looking for a version of the Enhanced Gameplay Mod where fewer goals are scored. With a stronger defense, resulting in more playmaking and fewer goals. Is there maybe a mod of the different versions? I haven't found it yet. Or could you create such a version that plays a long half time?