FIFA 21 Original Faces Converted To FIFA 19


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Hey I am a Modder For FIFA 19 (Used To Make Mods For FIFA 18) And These Are My Mods:

FIFA 21 Original Faces Converted To FIFA 19

Players Included: Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel Messi Neymar JR Mbappe Eden Hazard Romelu Lukaku Alex Lacazette Granit Xhaka Ben Chilwell Youri Tielemans De Gea Harry Kane Kieran Trippier Arturo Vidal Christian Eriksen Ciro Immobile Dani Carvajal Christiansen Marcelo Koke Courtois Varane Bernardo Silva John Stones Lucas Moura Raul Jimenez Belotti

Link To The Mod:

More Mods To Come!


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hi man, it's a slightly different request but can you please mod fifa 18 faces of van gaal and wenger for fifa 21? or if you could just tell me how to do that, it'd be great. i tried exporting textures from fifa 18 and importing them on 21 but the head is distorted in the game. I'm new to modding, please help if you can :)


So what do you do with these files? Do you import them using Frosty Manager? So these files are converted from FIFA 21 to FIFA 19?


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Watch the video above, but you need a program Frosty Editor v1.0.5.9 Alpha!!! to convert from FIFA 21 to FIFA 19.These files now need to be applied with Frosty Editor v1.0.5.9 Alpha.
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