FIFA 21 EA Squad Files


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Hey there, i need help with this, i have some questions:
1. Do i have to export every table?
2. when i try to export one, it saves as a txt, do i have save it as an excel file?
3. if yes, what do i have to edit on excel?
and 4. When i open the program there are DB1, 2, 3 and 4, is 4 the switch db?
It seems there is no tutorial for this.... :(
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extract all the new players one by one ? really ?
who said you have to extract them one by one? actually you have to export tables from fifa 21 squadfile and put all the columns in the same order as fifa 20 tables has, add the missing ones and remove the ones that are not in fifa 20. you can still have bugs/crashes because fifa 21 removed some leagues with all their players...