Fifa 2004 wishlist


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Agree!! =)

The reason why i listed these wishes only is that i have been reading a lot of posts all over the forum and most of the gameplay ones have already been requested (better skills, player movement, tactics, etc...) and i didn't want to repeat them... i know there are already some repeated ones but... sorry! :)

I believe FIFA2k3 is not yet THE GAME!! But it has a LOT of potencial and a great team of developers!! With a better research team and a better relation between stats and skills (ask for some help to your fellow mates at TCM2k3... they're not the best (CM's still king!) but they're pretty good! ;)

Long life to the FIFA series!! ;) hehehehe

peace out...


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On fifa 2003 the crowd dont make much noise during the match. There is just some quiet cheering. You can't even hear the player chants easily you have to try to listen for it. EA MUST MAKE THE CROWD NOISE AND CHEERING LOUDER!!. Also when a goal is scored the crowd noise level remains the same. They need to put more passion and feeling into the game. When a goal is scored or a cup is won I want to hear the crowd raise the roof. CMON EA MAKE SUM NOISE. THIS IS THE SORT OF DETAIL IN A GAME THAT YOU USUALLY GET RIGHT!!!!

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I'd like to get this out of the way first, I haven't played PES at all or the new WE6. I've heard it's awesome however! On to what I would like to see in FIFA 2004 and beyond. This is not about gameplay (it is an issue yes, but it's not what this reply is about).


Crowd noises are improving but they still don't sound LOUD enough, I want a real atmosphere!

It's good how the away supporters are barely heard when their team scores a goal, but I think they could be a little louder also.

About what EA call the "Virtual Crowd", let's hope it is and none of this crappy bitmapped 2D sprite crap, there needs to be some serious improvements to the way the crowd looks are reacts.

How about when it rains we see people using umbrellas.

Sections of the crowd need to jump up and down at different times (causing a wave effect) not at all once.

Speaking of waves, how about the mexican wave.

I would really like to see where, depending on the game and what position on the table they are (including lower divisions) how this affects crowd attendence, there should not be a full stadium for low / unpopular teams, or for teams that are playing poorly. Attendence should increase when teams are playing well.

Attendence should drop if the game is almost over and the losing team cannot win.

How about seeing people get out of their seats before, during and after the games for whatever reasons.

If your team scores a goal or is in a situation where the crowd is very happy about what has or is about to happen, have them wave scarfs, lean over the fence and bang on it etc... not just jump up and down.

Not everyone who goes to a game wears team colours, so throw in some people who just wear normal clothing.


How about seeing segulls flying around, not just hearing them if something like this was included. Same goes for things like Blimps, Planes and Helicopters.

The sky should move, not just be a pretty bitmap.

There should be dynamic weather, (start of as a nice day, rain, then stop, or start off raining and either stop or snow depending on where you are).

Day and Night should also be dynamic (if a game starts late it should get dark (GTA 3 does all of this VERY well!).

If you are playing a day match and it gets dark, you should see the lights come on.

The glare from the lights needs to be improved, it doesn't look authentic.

Sunglare would be nice, prehaps moonglare?

Clouds affecting sun and moonglare.

Also, in GTA 3 there was rubbish and paper flying around, especially on the ground, this would be a nice addition to see I think.

I read on here somewhere that the handball rule will ruin the game, I agree, don't include this, it WILL ruin the game.

If it rains or snows, it would be nice to see it drip on the screen.


There were some enhancements made but there needs to be more:

Commentators need to sound passionate about the game they are commentating on, they need to "feel" the game, become part of it, just not tell us what's going on. We can all sound more excited than John.

It would be nice to hear commentators perhaps make mistakes and then correct themselves.

I'd like to hear more interaction between commentators during the game.

More umms and errs (gives a sense of realisim).

Commentators should interrupt once in a while, or comment on something while the other is talking.

I'd like to hear them give us scores from other games (and not just at half time, but during the game as well; perhaps in dead ball situations).

I'd also like to see the scores (even though I problably won't have time to look) during the game, even at half time and perhaps the end).

I'd like to hear mild disagreements (with the refs and perhaps the other commentator(s)).

Have them tell you what "possible" injury the player just incurred.

After the game find out what the injury the player just got and how long he maybe out for.

And finally, something just "I" would like to see. It's never going to happen, but it would fantastic to have. There should be a way where you can put "yourself" in the game. You start off as a rookie playing for (say for example, really low end teams, I'm talking about before even being considered for the lowerst possible divsion), playing for whatever team EA give us (and I mean just you playing, as 1 player on the field, not controlling the whole team) as whatever position you want to play (goalie, defense, midfield or attack) and have scouts accessing you on how well you play and want the ball, and if your good enough, be asked to play for whatever team and at whatever price, (you of course can reject any offer) and attempt to establish yourself as the worlds greatest soccer player!

It would be weird contolling "just you" on the field, but it would certainly add a new a dimension to the game.

If you chose goalie as your position, there of course (as with any postion) be different views, but I would like to see either a FPS view, side view or a just above the goal view looking out on to the field (keep in mind this just goes for the goalie).

Just my 2 cents, thanks for reading!



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agree... those feats would be really nice (soccer RPG?? not a bad idea at all, but it would require a lot of the developers... maybe a new independent game... ala "Final Fantasy Soccer" :p)

anyway... the gameplay is still WAY too scripted... the defenders running towards the center field during a counter attack, running away from their positions, etc... is REALLY anoying and is about to make me quit the fifa series (really!!!). I believe thats a AI problem so their SHOULD be a patch for 2k3... i don't think we should wait until 2k4 to see that solved!!

about the other feats... cutscenes where players interact with the crowd would be niiiice... have a crowd like NHL 2k3... players running up to the crowd after a goal, throwing jerseys after a match, etc...
I mean... these would be great additions to the game (certainly would get us INTO the game like you guys in EA told us about 2k3!!)

again... i said this already but i've gotta repeat myself on this one...


ok... enough... i just hope the EA guys read this... after all their making the game for us, and having all these "brains" thinking for ya works out better huh??? Don't ask for programming help... lol... just get the ideas and do your best to include them in the game (maybe ask help to fellow developers among the EA Sports series... i've seen great games from ya, and getting feats from all of them would improve the whole series...)

PLZ... don't get FIFA tooooo comercial... (script-like!)... i know kids love that, especially in the consoles, but on PC where getting used to improved AI and gameplays... i think (!) :)

take care guys... i'll post again soon! ;)


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- Hair textures on the leg, arm etc
- Individual tatoos
- The heading ability to be completely taken away
- A lefty Beckham, and a righty Carlos
- Brazil not included in the game
- No Ronaldo in Real Madrid
- An Indonesian third division
- other useless stuff

PS : Remember EA`s policy is " Don`t give people what they want " ;)


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Re: Fifa 2004 wishlist

Originally posted by raven_blade2002
EA YOU MUST READ THIS ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU WANT FIFA 2004 to beat ISS PRO EVO 3!

Fifa 2003 was a great game but however it had it flaws. :f***:

Here is a list of the things i think should be included in fifa 2004 and the things which were in fifa 2003 which could remain in fifa 2004.

Things to be included in fifa 2004

1. More football celebrations when a goal is scored!

2. Player create/edit mode

3. Left and right footed footballers like fifa 2002, so players will play differently depending on their postion on the pitch.

4. Cut scene graphics from fifa 2002 world cup (they looked more realistic than fifa 2003's!)

5. More realsitic looking players (on fifa 2002 world cup all the players had their right face and great animation such as micheal owen chewing gum!)

6. ALL the international teams like in ISS.

7. Get the Licence to have the champions league music for champions league matches!

8. Show the football subsititutions its an essential part of football games!

9. The ability to dive on the pitch and fake a foul like on ISS.

10. When a player is seriously injured show someone bringing on a stretcher to take them off!

11. A training mode so that u can practice using skills, taking free kicks and corners etc........

12. Maybe an indoor football pitch?

13. More tactical play from AI.

14. Weather affects the game e.g. If its hot weather players will get tired more quickly and if its raining, players may have less ball control and slip and slide on the pitch!

15. Better heading the ball.

16. Make it harder to score goals! There is a very easy way to score goals which i have found out. If you cross the ball from one of the corners towards the oppositions goal, and you have a player in the box, you can score a goal easily. Me and my mates have got so fed up of scoring like this that we called it "a cheap goal".

17. More tactics like on ISS and the ability to customize formation better such as moving the postions of players forwards or backwards.

18. More stadiums try to include all the best teams stadiums.

19. Football managers shout at team telling them to play better which actually has an affect on their perfomance which makes them play better! This could also be used with the football supporters when they start chanting!

20. The freestyle. Im not too sure about this maybe you could make it a little better to pull of different skills?

21. Include different times of day e.g. Morning Evening Night

22. How about a player search for transfers? It would be much easier to find the player you are looking for if there is a player search option.

23. The captains of every football team should wear a captains armband. If the captain is sent of there should be a cutscene showing the captain passing the armband on to another player.

24. International call ups. Players could get called away to play an international friendly.

25. Players dont just get fatigue in football games but throught the season. For example if you use the same player for 10 games straight, then his performance will go down and he wont play as good.

So in order to have a player with high performance rest him once in a while. Maybe you could have a new stats bar which says performance which is out of 10. 1 been the lowest on performance and 10 been the highest.

Also the fitness stats bar may affect the performance bar. For example the higher the fitness bar is the less chance a player has of getting fatigue. So therefore if a player has a high fitness, he wont get fatigue quickly and his performance stats bar will stay up longer!

Things which were in fifa 2003 which could remain in fifa 2004.

1. Free kick system

2. Overall gameplay structure

3. Kit selection before football matches

4. The overall sound such as chants and football comentary (however you could add more football chants for individual players)

Ok im done i can't think of any more right now. YOU BETTER BE READING THIS EA IT TOOK ME AGES TO RIGHT!!!!!!

WHAT ABOUT GAMEPLAY???????? For me is the important thing...if not i'll stick to ISS for PC and PES 3 for PS2!!!!:kader: :kader:


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;) yeah. i want them to put a brick mode in there where u have to score with a brick.

- 1 league and that is the saudi league, no english, spanish etc
- Streakers
-edit nail length
- all the bugs u can think of
- a game full of cinematics and scripted football where u press x to choose whether u win in the first minute of the last minute.

and the most important



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I don't know if anyone said this before but if EA wants realism in kit-selecting then they should make a completely different kits system where the shirts, shorts, and the socks are not togeher. That would allow the kits to be swapped, for example, home shirt + away shorts + away socks - because in reality, teams try to select kits that are different enough (bright vs. dark) at all areas, not like in FIFA 2003 and all older FIFAs where teams can play for example - in white-white, black-black etc. which is very rare in reality.


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Fix all these friggin bugs :f***:
i cant play FIFA 2002 nor FIFA 2003 on my computer
i just wasted over 60 bucks
u bastards!


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champions league will not be put in EA don't hold the license unless they like to think they do, in which they'll be sued, lol. :p



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fifa 2004 improvements

fifa 2004 must contain all the other fifa's put together to acheive its full potential

fifa 2004 must use
More Leagues
More Teams
More National Teams
More things to unlcok
MOST IMPORTANT: Training Mode [sadly where pro evo wins hands down for extra features]

More "look-a-likes"
IMPORTANT: Scenerio mode, i think Scenerio mode in Actua Soccer 2 is unbeatable and must be put in next

Goalkeepers improved more
I know there where already, but on free kicks they look chaticismal

improved season compared with club championship, club champ being very good, season no way as good, needs to be better

one more thing
more camera angles, too much of the same
and continous club champ season
finally realistic transfer market, i know its very fifaish sign who you want if u can afford it, but i think its getting boring and unfair people getting ronaldo for leeds

and of course i wont get all of them, so the poll is good enough


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Re: fifa 2004 improvements

Originally posted by T_Neumann
fifa 2004 must contain all the other fifa's put together to acheive its full potential

fifa 2004 must use
More Leagues
More Teams
More National Teams
More things to unlcok
MOST IMPORTANT: Training Mode [sadly where pro evo wins hands down for extra features]

Tru Tru but EA too lazy to do dat. That is why konami always succedes at beating EA. Konami are not lazy. They know what their fans want! Unlike EA who dont give a damn as long as they get paid.


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On this point....

I actually agree with you.

Rosters mean nothing in the face of gameplay. Updating the rosters is the very least of EA's problems. Well, it was until they took out the in-game creation center and replaced it with a version that works 25% of the time!

People will accept out of date rosters if the gameplay is great but up to date rosters and pathetic gameplay just don't make for a happy audience.