Fifa 2004 wishlist


Youth Team
EA YOU MUST READ THIS ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU WANT FIFA 2004 to beat ISS PRO EVO 3!

Fifa 2003 was a great game but however it had it flaws. :f***:

Here is a list of the things i think should be included in fifa 2004 and the things which were in fifa 2003 which could remain in fifa 2004.

Things to be included in fifa 2004

1. More football celebrations when a goal is scored!

2. Player create/edit mode

3. Left and right footed footballers like fifa 2002, so players will play differently depending on their postion on the pitch.

4. Cut scene graphics from fifa 2002 world cup (they looked more realistic than fifa 2003's!)

5. More realsitic looking players (on fifa 2002 world cup all the players had their right face and great animation such as micheal owen chewing gum!)

6. ALL the international teams like in ISS.

7. Get the Licence to have the champions league music for champions league matches!

8. Show the football subsititutions its an essential part of football games!

9. The ability to dive on the pitch and fake a foul like on ISS.

10. When a player is seriously injured show someone bringing on a stretcher to take them off!

11. A training mode so that u can practice using skills, taking free kicks and corners etc........

12. Maybe an indoor football pitch?

13. More tactical play from AI.

14. Weather affects the game e.g. If its hot weather players will get tired more quickly and if its raining, players may have less ball control and slip and slide on the pitch!

15. Better heading the ball.

16. Make it harder to score goals! There is a very easy way to score goals which i have found out. If you cross the ball from one of the corners towards the oppositions goal, and you have a player in the box, you can score a goal easily. Me and my mates have got so fed up of scoring like this that we called it "a cheap goal".

17. More tactics like on ISS and the ability to customize formation better such as moving the postions of players forwards or backwards.

18. More stadiums try to include all the best teams stadiums.

19. Football managers shout at team telling them to play better which actually has an affect on their perfomance which makes them play better! This could also be used with the football supporters when they start chanting!

20. The freestyle. Im not too sure about this maybe you could make it a little better to pull of different skills?

21. Include different times of day e.g. Morning Evening Night

22. How about a player search for transfers? It would be much easier to find the player you are looking for if there is a player search option.

23. The captains of every football team should wear a captains armband. If the captain is sent of there should be a cutscene showing the captain passing the armband on to another player.

24. International call ups. Players could get called away to play an international friendly.

25. Players dont just get fatigue in football games but throught the season. For example if you use the same player for 10 games straight, then his performance will go down and he wont play as good.

So in order to have a player with high performance rest him once in a while. Maybe you could have a new stats bar which says performance which is out of 10. 1 been the lowest on performance and 10 been the highest.

Also the fitness stats bar may affect the performance bar. For example the higher the fitness bar is the less chance a player has of getting fatigue. So therefore if a player has a high fitness, he wont get fatigue quickly and his performance stats bar will stay up longer!

Things which were in fifa 2003 which could remain in fifa 2004.

1. Free kick system

2. Overall gameplay structure

3. Kit selection before football matches

4. The overall sound such as chants and football comentary (however you could add more football chants for individual players)

Ok im done i can't think of any more right now. YOU BETTER BE READING THIS EA IT TOOK ME AGES TO RIGHT!!!!!!


Starting XI
i put good. but you need to put all the things about gameplay at the top of the list.and made clear in ur "wishlist" that the others are bonuses, this is why ea dont get their priorities right. i would rather ea deal with the gameplay and making it more like real life football in 2004 and then put half of those in the game. and then in 2005 make other additions



Youth Team
When keepers foul a player and get a red card they should get sent OFF and not stay on. They should also be able to get injured aswell. :crazyboy:


Youth Team
Oh yea and some players are well over rated in fifa 2003 such as lee bowyer for leeds united. Why is he rated 93!? You should accurately rate the players. some people like ashley cole for Arsenal are well under rated at 73. While Diego Forlan(speed 6) for Manchester united is rated slower than Laurent Blanc(speed 8). He is actually quite fast, much faster than Blanc. Did you get that mixed up!? Just try to rate the stats better.


Youth Team
The overall rating of the team should be changed. It is better showing individual bars for speed,defence,attack and overall like fifa 2001.

Maybe a scenario mode like ISS could be added. How about there being THE NATIONAL ANTHEM for international matches. DON'T FORGET CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.


Youth Team
define referee strictness. Sometimes on fifa 2003 the referee lets the players off for many blatant fouls, then books a player for a good tackle.


Youth Team
:rockman: i want to be able to do in game tactics using the GAMECUBE D PAD. change from offensive to defensive to formations and counter attack etc :mrpimp:


Youth Team
No more cheap goals from corners where u cross the ball in and someone does a bicycle kick into the net and you should be able to do different powered bicycle kicks. (H)


Youth Team
I thought of something else to add in fifa 2004! The commentators should say the latest scores in the other games playing. For example the champions league and the premiership. :rockman:


Youth Team
You should be able to see and when the ball is near them u can hear the managers of the most famous teams like arsenal, manutd, liverpool etc. When u make a substitution u should see the players warming up or getting told wat to do by the manager.


Youth Team
Oh and there should be the stadium announcer before and during the matches. He could READ OUT THE PLAYERS FOR BOTH TEAMS GREETED TO CHEERS from the crowd. Also for substitutions he should say something like "SUBSTITION FOR CHELSEA, GIANFRANCO ZOLA FOR EIDUR GUDJOHNSEN" and when a goal is scored he should say something like "GOAL FOR MANCHESTER UNITED, NUMBER 21 DIEGO FORLAN!!!". This would add more passion and feeling to the game so PLEASE, PLEASE put this in! :read:


Youth Team
Also in fifa 2004 you should be able to see football supporters leaving the stadium when their team is loosing and their is not much time left for a comeback. The football commentators should also say the attendance of supporters for the football match. If it is an important match there will be a lot of suporters and if it is a not very importnat match then there will be a low attendance. You should alos be able to see this by looking around and seeing some empty seats.


Club Supporter
There are some few improvements and addons i'd like to see in fifa2k2:

1. Get the rights for the Portuguese SuperLeague plzzzzzzz!!!!:f***: We portuguese love fifa, but we're sad we haven't seen our league in it for the last 4 years now!! :/

2. I'm tired of getting caught on counter attack when the player doesn't respond to a instruction. eg. if i'm using the sprint button, even if the ball is close to his feet, i still have to wait until the run is over b4 i can tell him something... that is not realistic at all... in reality most players can change directions and speed and pass while sprinting!!! This is happening a lot more on defense...

3. Get some better cutscenes... you've done them better in previous games, so why not improve the ones already great (WC2k2!)

4. Some more "managerial" options would be welcome... i don't a managing game, but its awesome to buy players with a little more feeling to it, not feeling like we're... cheating! ;)

5. Gimme some better AI... i'm tired of feeling the only difference between the difficulty levels being the worse response to our controls. That is, as i upgrade de difficulty level, my players response seem slower... :( and my AI controlled players acting dummy...

6. (MAJOR) Better heading system... like... real free ball control... heading on an open space...

7. I can't run for the line and do those cool slides for a ball recovery by the sidelines just beforing getting out of bounds like in Fifa2k2... or WC2k2... those were great!!!!!!!!!! :rockman:

8. The Assistant Referees are dumb!!!! They point their flags the wrong way A LOT!!!!!!!!!

9. [brb... went to play a game to figure out some more stuff!]

10. [back]

11. Bigger Power Bars when playing at high res... like 1600x1200 (the one i use!)

12. My defense acts stupid quite often... AI probs??? They don't cover the offense that good when playing at more difficult levels (Pro+)

13. Refery Strictness should improve... There should always be a red card when its a violent tackle from behind or if the player is running alone toward the goal!!!!!!

14. Passing need work... we should have (at least and option!) to have total control over passing direction!! Sometimes i press forward and the ball goes to the right just because there's a player there or sometime i press forward, and the ball goes to the defense instead of the player running that way!! And i do know about the direct passing (cut through!) but that is different!

15. Controller directions (on analog pads at least!) changes as the camera moves (TELE!)... if i want the player to run in the same direction on the field i have to change the direction on the pad quite often! Remember the FIFA series for the older consoles like Sega Genesis??? We could choose if we wanted "UP" to be as it is on the screen or on the field! :)


Note: I hope you guys read this!! I'm no more than just a dedicated fifa fan and player!! I hope i can be of any help improving the already fantastic FIFA series!!! Thnkx for making an already incredible game!! Rock on :rockman:


Starting XI
FIFA 2003 is nothing to have a song and a dance about, it's not terrible, but is just so easy and full of bugs, that's what makes it bad really, but also the overall gameplay isn't a charmer!

I think your wishlist doesn't give enough depth into how the gameplay should be worked. I also believe that the control of the ball in 2003 is still too easy, but good "not" to be attached to the players' foot and I mean that in a kind of way, as I don't think it actually, TOTALLY not stuck to the feet!